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Trail Running Shoes • May 7, 2024

Scarpa Golden Gate 2 ATR Review: All For One, One For All (Trails)

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What You Need To Know


9.0 oz. (255 g) for a US M8,

7.6 oz. (215 g) for a US W7.5

Stack Height / Drop

Stack height unavailable (4 mm drop)

Best For

Trail travelin’ when you can only bring one shoe

Key Features

PRESA outsole, SuperGum rubber, SockFit system, Exoskeleton upper construction

On The Run
Secure, yet surprisingly lightweight Super durable outsole Fit through the toebox runs long
Price / Availability

Available now for $169

Introduction to the Scarpa Golden Gate ATR 2

REESE: The Scrapa Golden Gate 2 ATR is billed as a city-to-trail hybrid shoe, one that’s perfect for gravel roads and smooth single track, but with enough cushioning to handle long road runs. Traveling and only have room for one shoe? This might (probably will) be the perfect shoe to bring. The Scarpa Golden Gate 2 ATR is jam-packed with helpful technologies and amazing materials that make this hybrid shoe a downright bargain.

Scarpa kept the upper construction lightweight, but thanks to its EXO construction and the SockFit System, it provides stability and protection from rough trails. Despite the hybrid capabilities and position of this shoe, the PRESA outsole and SuperGum rubber give it the teeth to shred as a full-blown trail option. It’s durable and grippy, ready for just about any trail- smooth single track or technical. The inclusion of the Bounce midsole is what makes this shoe capable of being more than just a trail shoe. The midsole balances out the tough outsole by providing a lightweight cushion and responsive feel.

Surprisingly, that’s not even the good parts, just the intro. Let’s get into the real review.

What we like about the Scarpa Golden Gate ATR 2

REESE: When I come across a shoe labeled “road to trail,” my skepticism kicks in right away. Why? Because typically, it suggests it’s not particularly excellent for either terrain. It’s akin to driving a lifted electric Jeep in a city center while believing it’s perfect for off-roading in Moab. In reality, it’s unlikely to be ideal for either scenario. All that being said, this wasn’t the case with the Golden Gate 2 ATR. In fact, this shoe impressed the hell out of me.

It feels like the shoe is 70% trail shoe and 30% road shoe. The 4 mm lugs and durable PRESA outsole and SuperGum rubber provided plenty of traction on dirt roads, smooth single track, and some slightly technical trails. The SuperGum rubber is a high-friction rubber intended to provide traction in all types of conditions. Scarpa claims that it provides three times the abrasion resistance, though I was able to run my own unscientific tests, like trying to slide across the wood floor, which didn’t work, so maybe their claims are right… My foot was also protected from the occasional stray stabby rock.

And despite all the traction and protection I experienced on trails, the shoe still felt slight and responsive on road runs, which is likely due to the lightweight dual-density EVA midsole. I won’t go as far as saying I’m going to use this shoe in a road marathon, but for those in town runs, the city-to-trail runs, it’s a great choice.

The fit of this shoe is another one of the reasons I was impressed by the Golden Gate 2 ATR. For reference, I like shoes that have a slightly roomier toe box and a midfoot that is narrow or easy to tighten/secure around my midfoot. The North Face Infinite 2 and The North Face Vectiv Sky shoes are the ideal fits for me, and now I might be adding this Scarpa shoe to the exclusive list.

Scarpa’s SockFit system is a system I can get behind. The SockFit system is essentially a one-piece elastic tongue that wraps over the midfoot providing that snug fit I like while also helping out with some lateral stability. This fit, combined with the soft outer material of the tongue, really allowed me to find the perfect secure fit for my foot. I loved how secure my foot felt in this shoe.

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What we don’t like about the Scarpa Golden Gate ATR 2

REESE: This section is going to be a bit slim as I’m struggling a bit to find things I don’t like about the Scarpa Golden Gate 2 ATR. The sizing is off a bit, but honestly, does anyone have sizing figured out? I ran in a US W7.5, my usual shoe size, but the fit was a little long in the toe box. It was still doable, but I probably could have been more comfortable in a US W7. I’d be scraping the bottom of the nitpicking barrel if I put anything else in this section. So, well done, Scarpa.

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Final thoughts on the Scarpa Golden Gate ATR 2

REESE: I’m genuinely impressed by this shoe. It’s less city-centric and more trail-focused, which is fine by me. I loved how lightweight it feels for a trail shoe sporting such a durable outsole. Scarpa claims the tread pattern and outsole have areas specifically designed for braking, adherence, push-off, and stability, but I honestly can’t claim to have noticed them as I went about my miles. Maybe I’m just not a super feeler (is that a thing?), but also, maybe it’s hard to notice those things individually.

Overall, I did feel like the traction and protection on trails were stellar, considering I also felt like the shoe wasn’t totally a drag on the road. The midsole is pleasantly responsive and provides ample cushion for even some longer distance runs. I am especially impressed by the snug and secure fit of the Golden Gate 2 ATR. No marketing fluff here, Scarpa’s EXO upper construction legit does provide lateral support.

This shoe is a perfect all-rounder; it’s not bad on the road, definitely not a true road shoe, but if you dabble with the road from time to time and don’t want to feel like you’re running in, say… the Salomon Speedcross, this would be great. And when you hit the trails, you’d have a shoe with plenty of stability and protection to keep you comfortably rubber side down.

You can pick up the Scarpa Golden Gate ATR 2 for $169 from Scarpa using the buttons below.

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