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Saucony Type A6 Review

The Saucony Type A shoe line has been a favorite racing flat for the last few iterations. I was really excited about some updates that the Type A6 was getting. For the most part the A6 is a total ground up overhaul. Before I get into the update, I will let you know that the shoe is a solid choice for a fast running flat. It is super light weighing in at 5.2 oz. for a men’s 9! The A6’s upper is sock like and seamless. The inside of the shoe has less going on inside than any previous model. Flexfilm creates the structure of the upper. The real story of the A6 is the all new midsole and outsole. “With SSL(Saucony Super Lite) EVA (and) an advanced EVA blend that maximizes rebound and durability while minimizing weight. IBR+ Injection blown rubber compound that is lighter, more responsive and has enhanced cushioning and durability properties (and) XT-900™ A carbon rubber outsole material that offers exceptional traction properties without sacrificing durability.” The outsole was the biggest area for improvement over earlier models. When I started seeing some of the pics of proposed outsoles for the A6 I was totally stoked.

Running in the A6 I found them retaining the qualities I liked about the previous models, light, fast, and fun. I have run everything from a 5k to a marathon in the Type A5, the A6 has a better midsole and outsole. I recently ran the Kellys Shamrock 5k in the Saucony Type A6 and had my second fastest 5k at 20:07. Considering my PR and this race both took place a week out from a 50k race with tired legs and the fact that I never train for 5ks, I will take it. Best of all my feet felt good afterwards. So let’s take a look at the update versus the previous model.

Saucony Type A6 Saucony Type A6

Saucony Type A6Off the bat, I will tell you the A5 was a better looking shoe. Colors were better, the toe cap of Flexfilm gave the front a better structure, the heel counter looks and feels more badass. The heel counter on the A5 made the shoe a little bit easier to slip on. The over the arch support moves from elastic attached to the tongue on the inside of the A5 to more Flexfilm on the outside of the upper on the A6. This is a good update especially for those that like to run sockless. It is just one more thing removed from the shoe that could cause issues. The midsole feels slightly firmer and less sponge like than the A5. Even though the look of the Type A6 falls a little short over the A5, the shoe’s functionality wins. This is a good update, but I have to admit I am looking forward to alternate color combos and anxious to see how this flat continues to evolve.

Saucony Type A6


Special thanks to Charm City Run and Saucony for providing the shoes for this review.


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  1. JPerry2828 says:

    How would you compare the A6’s to the NB 1400v2’s? I love the 1400’s – they are my speed trainers and racing shoes currently but I was eyeballing the A6’s when they wear out.

    1. Hi Justin, @theloudmouse did the Asics review for us. I would contact him on twitter for this question.

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