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Puma FAAS 1000 Running Shoe Review

The Good

Johnny: I’ll start by saying that I wasn’t expecting very much from the shoe and that I was pleasantly surprised with how the FAAS 1000 felt. I went out for 10 miles an hour after I got them and I was able to Zone Out and Just Cruise. They have plenty of support for my arches and are very forgiving for a less-than-prefect gait. I believe Puma even engineered the shoe for such – saying that they added extra rubber and foam from the heel through the forefoot. They claim that the shoe has maximum cushioning, so I was a little wary about another company trying to manufacture their own Hoka, but I was relieved to find that it wears like a traditional trainer. I’m a big fan of a shoe that wears as such.

Meaghan: It seems like everyone is adding a shoe to their lineup with more foam underfoot. The Faas 1000 is the latest max-cushioned shoe from Puma (and the most cushioned shoe in the entire FAAS line). Despite its rather obtrusive look, the shoes feel remarkably light on my feet. They fit well and the lacing creates a particularly snug, secure feel. The comfort level of this shoe is amazing. The plush tongue and collar combined with the lightweight FaasFoam in the midsole make these shoes super soft and perfect for tired, aching feet. We received the FAAS 1000 in the heart of HAT50K training and the back-to-back long runs had me longing for some extra cushioning underfoot. These shoes did just that.

Thomas: After trying some other brand’s max cushion options I was really interested in trying Puma’s max cushion shoe. The midsole is the standout feature of the Puma FAAS 1000. Plenty of cush while still feeling stable. The upper fits well and the foot feels secure. This is a soft comfy riding shoe perfect for recovery runs.

Puma FAAS 1000The Bad

Johnny: Poor tread design, man. The shoes will pick up and carry everything you get from the road – gravel and pebbles, road salt, small mice and toddlers. It wasn’t quite a deal-breaker for me personally, but it was bothersome and obnoxious at times. I’ve heard some others mention it as well. I’m not entirely sure what they’re trying to do with the Everfit Lace thing either – it just looked kind of funky and unnecessary. You’re not fooling anyone, Puma.

Meaghan: The “Everfit” lacing is a bit much. Although the design was meant to keep the shoe in place, to me, the extra rubber just adds unnecessary weight. I’d be really interested to try these shoes without this feature. I also don’t hate the color way, but I think it would serve Puma well to offer some additional options.

Thomas: The upper of the FAAS 1000 is overbuilt. The shoe would benefit from a reduction of materials. I felt no benefit from the “Everfit” bands that are supposed to lock your foot into place. The clunky upper made me feel like I was running in a pair of basketball shoes. The cut outs in the bottom of the outsole are there to reduce weight, however when they start picking up rocks the advantage is lost.


Johnny: There isn’t anything particularly sexy about the Faas 1000, but that’s what appealed to me the most. They’re just shoes. I’m glad I got to give these shoes a go. Definitely good for day-to-day training around the neighborhood. I don’t know that I would do any racing or ultra-ing in them, but I could see them being put into rotation for some easy weekly mileage. I was pretty surprised to see such a high price tag on these. 130 bucks is a lot of money for a pair of shoes that were just kind of ‘meh.’ If I do splurge for another pair I’m going for the bright orange though – make ’em a little sexier.

Meaghan: I’ve tried out nearly every member of the Faas Family, from the Faas 100 to the 1000. I’m a big fan of the entire line, but I still find myself gravitating towards the middle (my favorite being the Faas 500). With that said, the Faas 1000 is a good option for max-cushioned shoes. Although it won’t save you much (or any) dough, at $130.00 they’re right in line with similar options like Hoka One, Altra Olympus, and Brooks Transcend. Apparently with the added cushioning, comes a hefty price tag.

Thomas: The Puma FAAS 1000 has a better midsole and overall ride than many of the other max cushion shoes I have reviewed. I found the cushioning softer than the FreshFoam from New Balance and slightly firmer than the Skechers GOrun Ultra. If you are looking for a shoe that will take care of your feet and legs during a Long Slow Distance run (LSD) these shoes are not a bad option. The Puma FAAS 300 is probably my favorite Puma running shoe. Puma should put an upper on the FAAS 1000 more similar to the 300 and we would really have an interesting max cushion shoe.


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