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Road Running Shoes • June 14, 2023

Saucony Triumph 21 Review: Cheers to 21

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What You Need To Know


9.8 oz. (279 g) for a US M9,

8.8 oz. (250 g) for a US W7.5

Stack Height / Drop

37 mm in heel, 27 mm in forefoot (10 mm drop)

Best For

Easy daily miles

Key Features

Revamped upper, PWRRUN+ midsole and liner, durable outsole rubber

On The Run
Better lacing than the Triumph 20 Plush to the max Not the lightest daily trainer


The Intro

MEAGHAN: Saucony has been dropping some interesting shoes this year. Like, there’s a Kinvara Pro now? What are we even supposed to do with that? Anyway, the Triumph is a classic from the brand, and version 21 stays true as a highly cushioned, neutral daily trainer. The updates on this one are minimal and apply strictly to the upper.

Saucony’s midsole construction remains exactly the same as it was on the Triumph 20. You’ve got a pretty decent slab (37/27 mm) of PWRRUN+ cushioning with a PWRRUN+ sock liner and some durable rubber on the outsole.

The upper now sports a flat knit material and a new lacing system for added comfort and a secure midfoot lockdown. I didn’t love the last iteration, but has my mind shifted with these small updates? You might be surprised…

CHAD: I’m going to ask a semi-rhetorical question to start this review: Is Saucony capable of putting out a bad running shoe? I don’t know if there’s a brand out there that has been consistently putting out chart-topping hits in the running shoe game like Saucony over the last few years. You all knew it was coming — Saucony is to running as Taylor Swift is to music. Everywhere you turn, Saucony is in the mix and always in the discussion as one of the best shoe companies in the industry. Same for T-Swift; I mean, just look at the hype around the Eras Tour…it’s electric.

Back to why you’re actually here, I had never laced up a Saucony Triumph before, so I can’t speak to the history of the shoe and the updates made to the 21st edition. But I’ve been a real fan of the Endorphin line, and I’m on record that the Tempus is one of my favorite shoes I’ve ever run in. Check my bio if you don’t believe me. I figured, given that little tidbit, I’d have no Bad Blood with the Triumph 21. Decent stack height, semi-squishy PWRRUN+ midsole foam, and an updated knit upper; all the makings of a great Love Story between me and a shoe.

The Good

MEAGHAN: After running in the Triumph 20, I wasn’t exactly jazzed to lace this one up. I know the midsole hasn’t changed, which was my main complaint on the last version. It felt slappy and not as soft as all the marketing materials suggested. But something about these updates has me feeling very different. The step-in feel is plush thanks to the highly padded collar and heel, and the new lacing system provides a secure locked-down fit.

I know the midsole foam hasn’t changed, but it feels softer to me than the last model. Maybe it’s the timing of my training? Maybe it’s the beautiful weather? I’m not sure, but the miles feel way more enjoyable in this version. I’ve put over 40 miles on my pair, and they’ve all felt great. I’m definitely not trying to run any fast paces, but for those easy cruising miles, the Triumph 21 is perfect.

CHAD: There’s a lot to like about the Triumph 21. Are you…Ready For It? The new knit upper that Saucony deployed on the most recent model is both plush and breathable. The initial step-in felt like putting on your favorite cardigan, providing a secure fit with a lightly padded and gusseted tongue. The heel counter is very stiff, but the collar is padded enough to avoid discomfort while still ensuring good lockdown.

Never in my Wildest Dreams did I think I would come close to liking any Saucony shoe as much or more than the Tempus for churning out daily training miles, but I feel like PWRRUN+ is the perfect balance between the softness and pop of PWRRUN RB and the firmness of regular PWRRUN. I think for me, the Triumph feels like more of a recovery shoe than a daily trainer underfoot, given the gentle squish my large frame generates with each step. For those of you about to get upset, because you think the Triumph is a daily trainer and not a recovery shoe, You Need to Calm Down. For lighter runners, I could see it being a great daily trainer.

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The Bad

MEAGHAN: This isn’t the lightest shoe. My US W7.5 came in at 8.6 oz. — not horrible, but with most daily trainers under 8 oz these days, it’s something to note.

Also, I don’t know if this comment falls into the good or bad section, but we’ll include it here. This shoe is photogenic. It looks way better in photos than in real life. I actually don’t love the yellow/gold colorway I received, but she does look pretty in photos, especially in the sunlight.

CHAD: Meaghan mentioned the lacing system and that, for her, it helped give a good lockdown. I feel like Saucony overcomplicated things a bit with the loop before the final eyelet. Plus, I think the lacing goes just a bit too far up the foot toward the ankle, so it can be a bit tight around there. Then again, I have Delicate feet, especially the top, so it could just be me.

Also, when it comes to Style, the version I got for testing isn’t exactly Gorgeous. The grey/black/orange colorway is a bit dull if you ask me. If you’ve read my reviews before, you know All Too Well that I love bright and vibrant colors or at least some elements that make a shoe stand out. But I will admit, Meaghan’s yellow version was really nicely done, and looking at the technical spec sheet, it does look like there will be some solid options upon the shoe’s release.

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Saucony Triumph 21 Conclusion

MEAGHAN: The Saucony Triumph 21 is a solid neutral daily trainer. Fans of the Triumph 20 will be happy to know that there were no significant changes, and I’d encourage runners who didn’t love the previous model to give this one a try. It’s got plenty of cushioning, and a plush upper, making it the perfect companion for those easy runs.

CHAD: If there was one Blank Space in my shoe rotation that I had to add something, it was the recovery shoe department. I really enjoy the New Balance More v4 for recovery days, but it’s so heavy and so squishy that there’s a limit as to how far I can take that shoe before it becomes burdensome. I do feel like if I had a longer recovery day run (6+ miles) when I’m just trying to Shake it Off, I could easily lace up the Triumph 21 and be Fearless. This would make it a great addition to anyone’s rotation.

Look What You Made Me Do in this review, Saucony.

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