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Saucony Freedom ISO Running Shoe Review

adidas was the first to partner with BASF to use the TPU material Infinergy® as running shoe midsole. BASF claims the material not only cushions the impact of your footfall, but it also returns the energy to propel the runner forward. They call it the “Rebound Effect.”

Saucony has dabbled with Infinergy® in some of their shoes branding it Everun. They used modest amounts of the Everun in updating existing models. The Freedom ISO is the first Saucony running shoe to have a full-length midsole comprised of Everun. This feature is the hype behind the shoes. Like always we will start with what we like about the Saucony Freedom ISO.

Saucony Freedom ISO

The Good

Thomas: While the Midsole is the main event for this shoe, I really liked the upper. This ISO upper fit my foot better than any of the other Saucony ISO uppers. I was worried that the unstructured heel counter might be a problem, but the upper fit so well, I never noticed shifting or heel lift. The Freedom’s upper is still in great condition after over 75 miles.

Durability is a key feature for this shoe. The Everun midsole will last longer than traditional EVA midsoles. What I mean by “last longer” is, the Everun will maintain its cushioning and energy return properties mile after mile. Pairing the Everun midsole with a full-length triflex crystal rubber outsole pretty much guarantees a long-lasting relationship.

The overall ride of the Freedom ISO gets its personality from the Everun. It is a smooth riding shoe with a bit of a bounce. I was able to run both regular training runs and speedwork in the shoe. I felt like the personality of the cushioning changed with my speed. I experienced soft landings at slower speeds and firmer landings with a pop on take off at higher speeds.

Meaghan: Why is everyone talking about Saucony’s Freedom ISO? Fresh out of the box, a few thing stood out: the bright neon outsole, the minimal upper and the super flexible midsole. The Freedom ISO is the first shoe from Saucony that’s designed with a full-length EVERUN midsole (that’s primarily what everyone’s talking about). So what’s the big deal? EVERUN is a lot more “bendy” than the typical EVA midsole you’ll find in daily trainers. It’s also heavier. The flexibility of this shoe provides a smooth ride and the triflex crystal rubber material on the outsole is crazy durable. Right below the sock liner is an EVERUN top sole that’s softer and really conforms to the foot. They feel great right out of the box. They also come with a really nice bounce, or as they say “advanced energy return.” Because the midsole is a heavier material, Saucony went minimal on the upper. Other than the ISOFIT that you’ll find with most Saucony shoes, there is little to no structure. If you like a racing-flat style upper, I think you’ll enjoy this one. Although the bright colored outsole is strictly aesthetic, it’s nice to think everyone you run by is going to see flashes of neon… the little things.

Saucony Freedom ISO

The Bad

Thomas: One thing to watch out for in the Freedom ISO is how the shoe responds to your running form. With my neutral stride, I was surprised at the lack of support on the medial side of the heel. I don’t typically pronate, in the Freedom I did. It wasn’t severe, but I noticed fatigue in longer runs.

Meaghan: I believe I need a half or even a full size up in these shoes. The mesh is extremely flexible so it wasn’t a horrible experience for my toes, but they were right up on the edge. Not where I want them. Also, the weight bothered me on longer runs. These shoes aren’t even that heavy (my  women’s 7.5 weighed in at 7.85 oz), but because the weight is so concentrated in the midsole/outsole, I seemed to notice it more. I am a huge fan of the ISOFIT that Saucony uses, but because the upper was SO flexible, they never really felt secure.


Thomas: The Saucony Freedom ISO will please a wide variety of runners. I believe it will also be a launch pad for Saucony to try other ways to incorporate Everun into their running shoes. For some buyers, the $160 price tag may seem higher than what they typically spend on trainers, but with the durability of the Freedom, you will get your money out of them. The shoe looks good, runs smooth with a pop on take off, and will take a beating. The Freedom has a 4mm drop and I weighed my size 10.5 US in at 10 oz.

Meaghan: It’s nice to see shoe companies continually innovating and adapting to new technology. The Freedom ISO is unlike any other shoe from Saucony. I think it will appeal to a wide range of runners; I am just not one of them. This model is not quite the right fit and a bit too heavy for my personal preference. However, you cannot deny the quality and durability – the price point of $160 will be well worth it.

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