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Salming enRoute Running Shoe Review

2017 is going to be a big year for Salming. Their team has really gotten their game together and are producing a better fitting, better riding trainers. I thought the Distance D4 was top notch, I also thought it might have been a fluke. Then I got to try the enRoute. If the rest of the line-up is as good as the D4 and enRoute expect to see Salming breakout this year.

The Good

The Salming enRoute is a daily trainer that has characteristics of the Nike Pegasus but is lighter. The shoe runs smoothly through my stride with a near perfect midsole feel. Soft enough to give on impact but firm enough to keep you moving through your stride. Salming calmed down on the excessive rubber that was on the Salming Miles. The result is less bumpy feel on the outsole.

I ended up putting more miles in on the enRoute than I typically do fo a review. I have well over 100 miles on the shoe, probably over 200. I didn’t do a good job of tracking this one after I went over 50. It is one of the shoes on my rack that can cover a lot of different moods. When I felt like a slow run, the enRoute had enough of a forgiving feel to help out tired legs. When I wanted to pick up the pace, the 9.5 oz. (size 10.5) enRoute feel right at home turning it up.

The upper fit well. I like the lacing system a little better than the D4’s. I had no issues with heel lift, hot spots, or rubbing. The shoe fits true to regular running shoe size. The upper doesn’t show any wear at all.

The Bad

I wasn’t in love with the T-shaped tongue on the enRoute. The entire collar was on the puffy side. This is strictly a cosmetic complaint since the shoe functioned fantastically, but looking down the shoe loses some points for not looking as fast as it is. The fat collar and ankle area does not look sleek. I would like the shoe to contour more on the medial side for a sculpted look.

Salming enRoute Conclusion

I really like this shoe. The enRoute will be a shoe that a lot of runners will enjoy. It fits squarely in the sweet spot for a daily trainer. It is under 10 oz. for a men’s 10.5 and feels great on the foot. I would feel comfortable recommending the enRoute to a wide variety of runners, I would be even comfortable recommending retailers pick up Salming in their shops. I can’t wait to try out some of the other trainers coming from Salming in 2017. If they are like the D4 and enRoute, I am going to love running in them. This is big because I didn’t really like some of the previous Salming models. I wasn’t expecting too much and have been pleasantly surprised.


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  1. Do you have an idea of a release date on these?

  2. How would you compare these to the UA Bandit 2 as far as fit, responsiveness, and cushioning? Thanks for the info.

    1. The Bandit 2 is an all around softer shoe. The enRoute’s upper is more structured and the midsole is stiffer.

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