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Puma Speed 600 IGNITE Review

The Good

Thomas: The Puma Speed 600 IGNITE fits into the daily trainer category. The stand out feature is the midsole. Unlike many of the high mileage trainers that can feel soft and overly cushioned, the 600 leans to the firmer side of the cushion spectrum. Even though the midsole is firm, it still offers a lot of protection under feet with plenty of stack hieght and an 8mm drop. The IGNITE cushioning provides the bounce, aka energy return. The shoe has good ground feel. There is lots of rubber on the outsole for grip and durability. I found myself picking up the pace in these even when I wasn’t trying to.

The upper toe down design reminded me of the Nike Pegasus 32. Once you get back to the arch the upper takes on a different look with the EverFit+ lacing architecture. The tongue and collar are plush and comfortable. Puma uses an Ortholite insole that adds additional comfort to the ride.

Meaghan: The Speed 600 Ignite is a new everyday trainer from PUMA. PUMA’s Speed series is a collection of “fast” shoes, each designed for different running needs. The Speed 300 IGNITE is a racing flat, where the 600 IGNITE is designed for the everyday runner. PUMA makes a women-specific last, so my shoes vary slightly from the pair Thomas received. What’s the main difference? Us ladies get a “bunion zone.” LOL. As someone with bunions, I’ll take it. But giving us a “wider toebox” would have sufficed.

The upper is designed with PUMA’s EverFit which locks the foot down. No fancy lacing tricks needed. My foot felt comfortable and secure from the first time I put them on. The mesh is surprisingly breathable given all the material. The reflective overlays add nice support and I always appreciate some extra reflectivity for the early morning runs. The midsole is a dual layer midsole infused with IGNITE foam, which gives the shoe a nice bounce. There is plenty of rubber on the outsole for added protection and traction. You’ll be able to get a lot of miles out of these shoes.

The Bad

Thomas: This shoe needs a diet, they are way too heavy. For a size 10.5, they came in at 11.85 oz. I would strip off some of the thickness in the outsole rubber and find some ornamentation on the upper to shed. On a 14 mile run in the shoes, I tightened the laces too much and the EverFit+ lacing over the arch of my foot caused some bruising. I didn’t really notice it until after the run. It was too late and I ended up taking some time off from the 600 to let the tenderness heal up.

Meaghan: These shoes aren’t light. My W7.5 came in at 9.4 oz. That’s about 2 oz more than I prefer. I also didn’t love the way these shoes felt underfoot. Despite all the rubber on the outsole, you get a lot of ground-feel. I went out for a 14 mile run in these and my feet felt beat-up afterwards.



Thomas: I would put the Puma Speed 600 IGNITE on the same shelf as the Salming Miles, On Cloudflyer, Brooks Glycerine, Saucony ISO Triumph. This is a daily grind trainer. I would recommend it for a runner looking for a firmer ride in a long distance trainer. Despite the hefty weight of the 600, my run paces were at a good clip with little effort.

Meaghan: The PUMA Speed 600 IGNITE is a solid everyday trainer. I love the fit and secure feel these shoes provide. However, I never felt like I was efficiently running in the shoes. I would recommend this shoe to someone who’s looking for the durability of a daily trainer with some decent ground feel. For $125, you can try them out for yourself.



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