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Road Running Shoes • September 1, 2023

Puma Magnify Nitro 2 Review: Max Cat Power

puma magnify nitro 2 - feature

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What You Need To Know


10.9 oz. (310 g.) for a US M10.5,

8.9 oz. (252 g) for a US W7.5


Stack Height / Drop

40 mm in the heel,

30 mm in the forefoot (10 mm drop)

Best For

Daily training, long runs or recovery runs, can pick up the pace if needed

Key Features

Full supercritical Nitro midsole, Pumagrip outsole, knit upper, PWRTape reinforcements

On The Run
Loads of comfort Transitions smoothly Great upper fit


Introduction to the Puma Magnify Nitro 2

MEAGHAN: It’s been two years since we got an update on the Puma Magnify. The original was missing that max cushion plushness and soft comfort that I love, so there was little to no anticipation for this one.

But v2 comes with a lot of updates, including a new soft, knit upper and more Nitro foam underfoot (40 mm in heel/30 mm in the forefoot). What did they keep? That Pumagrip outsole we love. So, are these the updates we were looking for? Let’s find out.

THOMAS: The first Magnify Nitro was one of Puma’s few misses. Like a Columbus trying to get to India kinda miss, except Puma didn’t find a new world and distribute smallpox blankets like Halloween candy. Instead, they just found a brick. As Meg alluded, the second version is a total overhaul.

puma magnify nitro 2 - red lateral

What We Like About the Puma Magnify Nitro 2

MEAGHAN: The step-in feel of this shoe felt worlds away from the original, in a good way. The knit upper is soft and stretchy, but hugs the foot and provides support in all the right places. I found the shoes fit true to size and accommodate my wider foot well. More foam around the collar and tongue add to the overall plushness of this shoe, which was exactly what was missing from the previous version. 

Beneath the foot is a giant slab of Nitro foam, and only Nitro foam. The original version included a bed of EVA, which took away from that bouncy responsiveness you get from the Nitro. While there is still plenty of rubber coverage (I do love me some PumaGrip) this update didn’t feel quite as clunky as the original. The smooth transition had me forgetting about the shoes altogether, which is truly the best compliment you can give a daily trainer.

THOMAS: It can be a tough task to get a knit upper right. Puma’s team nailed this one with some help from their PWRTAPE overlays. The vamp stretches to allow the forefoot and toes to move with the shoes while the more traditional heel counter, collar, and gusseted tongue lock your foot in place comfortably. My size 10.5 fit well with no hot spots. 

The Nitro midsole offers a great ride. The foam is forgiving, but not overly soft. Of max cushion daily trainers, the Magnify Nitro 2 feels livelier than some of its competitors. I wouldn’t choose it for racing at 10.9 oz./310 grams, but the shoe can pick up the pace. The shoe is a treat for daily mileage– it just works. After the run, I wasn’t in a hurry to get the Magnify Nitro 2 off my feet. The comfort lasts throughout the run and beyond.

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What We Don’t Like About the Puma Magnify Nitro 2

MEAGHAN: These shoes are not super light, my W7.5 came in at 8.9 oz. However, it didn’t really bother me out on the run and with 40 mm of bouncy foam underfoot, it’s pretty worth it. 

THOMAS: The upper fit well, however I did get some puckering below the U-throat. I wouldn’t want to lose the slab of Nitro foam, so I would look for ways to lighten the upper.

Shop Magnify Nitro 2 - Men Shop Magnify Nitro 2 - Women
puma magnify nitro 2 - tongue blue

Tongue logo

heel logo of puma shoe

Heel logo

Final Thoughts on the Puma Magnify Nitro 2

MEAGHAN: The Puma Magnify Nitro 2 was a really nice surprise. It’s comfortable, responsive and works for all sorts of running– from everyday training, recovery runs to long runs. I’ve put over 50 miles on my pair so far and they look and feel as good as day one. The Nitro foam paired with the PumaGrip will definitely allow for plenty of mileage. This is one of those daily trainers that I could recommend to just about anyone. 

puma magnify nitro 2 - outsole blue

Always amazing Pumagrip rubber

THOMAS: I ended up putting nearly the same amount of miles on these as Meaghan. The Magnify 2 is one of those shoes that I reached for even when I crossed the 20-mile review mark. It now falls into the category of shoes I reach for as a palate cleanser between reviews.

The other shoes I like to go back to are the Asics Superblast, New Balance SC Trainer v2, Brooks Ghost Max, and the Adidas Boston 12. Those are basically my favorite daily trainers for the year (excluding the Superblast that released in 2022). The point is, the Magnify v2 is a damn fine shoe, and at $140 it’s a downright bargain.

You can pick up the Puma Magnify Nitro 2 for $140 at Running Warehouse (featuring free 2-day shipping and 90-day returns) by using the shop link below.

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  1. Bob s says:

    I am looking for a max cushion(especially in the forefoot) shoe. I usually keep the drop at 6mm or less. I know some reviewers say a shoe with more of a rocker can make up for a higher drop. Any comments on how pronounced the rocker is in these and its effect on the feel of the drop?

  2. Will M says:

    How does this compare to the Velocity Nitro 2? Seems like they both serve essentially the same purpose, and the Velocity is at least 20 bucks less.

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