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Road Running Shoes • May 2, 2024

Oofos OOmega OOahh Slide and OOcoozie Sport Mule Review: OOhhh, Baby

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What You Need To Know

The Styles

OOmega OOahh Slide and OOcoozie Sport Mule

The Stack

Slide: Not available, but 15 mm more than the standard OOahh

Mule: Not available


Slide: $89

Mule: $115

Introduction to the Oofos OOmega OOahh Slide and OOcoozie Sport Mule

LINDSAY: Oofos is a pretty well-known name among the running and athletic communities — especially for those who are training hard and will, therefore, do just about anything to improve recovery quality and efficiency. My first interaction with Oofos came after my first marathon when all my more experienced runner friends were slipping them on before heading to brunch. I knew at that moment I had to have them because don’t we all just absolutely have to have the latest and greatest running gear as soon as we learn about it?

In addition to sandals, Oofos now offers shoes for daily wear, slippers, and apparel. The apparel is pretty basic stuff: hats, t-shirts, hoodies, but I could definitely see an athleisure line in the future. I could also see a boom in popularity in the healthcare industry, much like we saw with Hoka, now that Oofos offers daily wear shoe options. The increased arch support and max cushioning will really have you saying, “Ohhhhh.” Get it?

This brings me to my next point: what is up with the names of these shoes? The one we are talking about here is the OOmega OOahh, which is just the original and basic OOahh with more foam, hence the “mega.” They also have a new model out called the OOcoozie Sport Mule and the OOmg Sport Collection. They make me giggle every time I say (or type) them.

Let’s keep the endorphin vibes going and get into the good stuff.

RYAN: I’ll be honest: I’m still pretty new to the whole recovery shoe scene. Had you asked me a month ago, I would have told you I had no recovery shoes. After I finished my first marathon, I put on a fresh pair of the original New Balance SC Trainer because I knew it had a ton of cush and a lightweight, breathable upper. That counts as recovery, right?

Now, I have two pairs of recovery shoes. I also happen to have a foot injury, which is what brought this review on in the first place. My podiatrist told me that I shouldn’t be walking around the house barefoot while the bone stress in my foot calms down, so I asked Robbe to reach out to the fine folks at Oofos to see if they had anything new. As it turned out, they did.

No sooner did I buy myself a pair of Crocs Mellow Clogs at a steep discount when the Oofos OOcoozie Sport Mule showed up at my door. Zero recovery shoes to an abundance of them, just like that. The OOcoozie Sport Mule isn’t quite like your standard Oofos slide, though, with a soft, breathable mesh upper and a bright green OOfoam footbed instead of the single-piece foam construction. It’s a pretty simple structure, so let’s get into my thoughts.

Our thoughts on the OOmega OOahh Slide

LINDSAY: It probably goes without saying (hopefully) that these shoes are quite comfortable. That’s literally what they are made for and they do hit that mark. Cue a sigh of relief.

The OOmega OOahh slides also maintain a lot of the common features you’ll find among other Oofos products. They come in multiple colorways with primarily neutral options, so they match just about anything. They are also machine washable if they get dirty but can be rinsed off easily in the sink or shower, too. Fortunately, odor is never the reason I have to wash mine. Whatever material they are using really does not cling to any gnarly post-workout smells.

I’d also call these multifunctional. If I end up doing a treadmill run at the gym and want to use the gym shower, I’ll wear them as shower shoes. The outsole is slip-resistant, but I do need to be careful not to let my foot move around, or it will slip out of the slide. A slip resistant footbed could be a good feature to add on the next slide (Oofos, let me know if you need my info for royalties).

They are extremely durable, which almost justifies the cost. I’ve had the same pair of Oofos for 3 years. I wear them regularly and they still provide the same level of comfort without looking or feeling worn down.

First and foremost, the worst part about Oofos is the price point. It’s really the only point that I would consider a deal breaker and that’s only regarding the OOmega OOahh. I feel like some of their other options, i.e., the OOahh basic slide, are reasonably priced for the quality.

The “mega” lives up to its name in that it adds 15mm more stack height of foam. I truly don’t feel a difference in foot recovery between the lower stack Oofos and these, so I’d say the only real-world purpose for the increased foam and stack height is to vibe with the current market of platform shoes.

Sizing remains pretty strange here, like other Oofos. They only do whole sizes, so you have to decide if a little bigger or a little more snug is going to work better for you, and I can’t really advise since it’s a personal preference. I prefer to size down and stretch them out a bit. I got these in my usual US W7, and they were a bit floppy. Keep in mind there are no narrow, wide, or adjustable options.

The last point I’ll say here. You’ve got to be careful when you wear them. I recently had a tendonitis flare-up in my foot, and the arch height aggravated it. So, if something doesn’t feel right, defer to a medical professional before giving these a try.

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Our thoughts on the OOcoozie Sport Mule

RYAN: I can’t lie — I get why people love their Oofos. It’s so incredibly easy to slip my feet into the OOcoozie Sport Mule when I walk in the door from pretty much anywhere. If I have an armful of groceries, I’ll unload them first (obviously), but after that, it’s Oofos time. Maybe I’m just doing what the doctor told me, or maybe I actually really enjoy the feeling of having something underfoot, I’m not sure.

Unfortunately, in my not-currently-running state, I can’t speak to how the OOcoozie Sport Mule feels after a run, but I’m sure it’s great. I mean, it works well enough for me to slip mine on and head to a friend’s house to dogsit his 11-year-old Weimaraner, so what else does it need to do? The OOcoozie Sport Mule is also decently subtle-looking with its basic gray upper and white midsole, which I like. I’m not one to wear slippers or slides in public, but the Sport Mule felt like it blended in well enough while walking the dog.

To echo what Lindsay said, though, getting used to wearing Oofos is something else. The arch support in the OOcoozie Sport Mule is sky-high, which is actually the opposite of what my current injury needs. I’m constantly aware of how high it sits on the inside of my foot, though the foam is slowly but surely compressing to a more natural fit. Honestly, I’m currently wearing my Mellow Clogs just as much as I wear the Sport Mule, only because of the more comfortable arch section.

Everything else that Lindsay picked out with the OOmega OOahh Slide is accurate, too, from the silly name to the awkward sizing. I’m driving myself mad as both the writer and editor, making sure that I get the right number of O’s and ahh’s with both models in this review. And yet, I also think it would be hilarious to hear Al Pacino list off the names of all of the Oofos products.

The trickiest part with the OOcoozie Sport Mule is, of course, the sizing. Oofos once again only offers its recovery footwear in whole sizes and the softer mesh upper means that it has more room to play on the top of your foot. Where Lindsay’s Slide has a firmer foam strap across the top of her foot, I regularly feel some lift into the mesh as I pick up my foot. It’s not the biggest deal since the shoe still fits, but it’s something to be aware of if you tend to kick your feet up as you walk. You could totally yeet the Sport Mule across a room if you’re not careful.

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Final thoughts on the Oofos OOmega OOahh Slide and OOcoozie Sport Mule

LINDSAY: Overall, I do like Oofos. If someone asked me, “What type of recovery shoes do you prefer?” my answer is always Oofos. Would I say it’s life-changing, and I recommend it to every runner and athlete alike as a staple to their collection? No. Would I say that Oofos is superior to other recovery shoes, such as Hoka’s Ora Recovery Slide or the Crocs Mellow Recovery Slide? Also no.

It’s widely known that being barefoot, otherwise known as “grounding,” following a run is suggested by most podiatrists and physical therapists. So, I will defer to them for their personal recommendations regarding Oofos OOmega OOahh as recovery or injury prevention shoes. Definitely keep it in mind to ask about Oofos as an option when you discuss with them.

Holy hell am I glad to be done writing those names.

RYAN: Well, I’m going to agree with Lindsay once again; I like my Oofos OOcoozie Sport Mule. The name is ridiculous to write out over and over again, but the OOfoam is incredibly comfortable underfoot, and I’m glad to have something to sink my feet into that’s not a running shoe. However, I could say exactly the same thing about my Crocs Mellow Clog, and I picked that up for about a third of what the Sport Mule would run you.

I would say that every runner should have a reliable pair of recovery shoes, no doubt. Would I say that Oofos deserves to be the go-to brand? I’m not as sure. I guess it all comes down to what price you’re willing to pay.

You can pick up the Oofos OOmega OOahh Slide and OOcoozie Sport Mule for $89 and $115, respectively, using the buttons below.

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