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ON Cloudrush Performance Review

The Good

Thomas: The On Cloudrush is the fastest feeling shoe from ON that I have tried. The CloudTec pods have a lower profile than other models and the redesigned Speedboard they are attached to is flexible and has some snap. This is also the lightest ON shoe I have run in weighing 8.85 oz. for M10.5. This shoe is built for faster turnover and workouts where you want to pick up the pace. The Cloudtec pods work. Traction and durability are not an issue with this shoe. The pods will keep you floating along.

The upper on the Cloudrush is structurally beautiful, the Swiss design is evident. Who cares if it doesn’t function though, right? Lucky for us the upper fits extremely well. There is a semi attached thin tongue and lacing that is about the width of linguini. The upper material is split between a fine mesh with webbing and welded overlays covering the chassis and thicker material that makes up the heel counter. I ran in the ON Cloudrush in high 80ºs F with thick humidity, I didn’t have issues with the breathability even though the mesh is not that open. The toe cap adds shape and a little protection. There isn’t a removable footbed, but you could slide in an insert on top if you need orthotics.

Meaghan: I’ve always loved the design of ON shoes and the Cloudrush is no different. I didn’t love that Thomas and I were provided the same colorway, but they definitely grew on me. The Cloudrush is a new performance trainer that replaces the discontinued Cloudracer. Aside from the fancy pods underfoot, these shoes are simple and sleek. The upper is light and breathable – to the point that you can see the color of your socks through them. The tongue and collar are minimally padded, but it’s enough. The tongue is even perforated to give your feet extra breathability, which is nice when it’s hot as balls in Baltimore. The simple lacing system comes with thin, round laces that do a nice job of keeping your foot locked in place.

The midsole/outsole is where the ON shoes really differentiate themselves. Although a bit gimmicky, I am big fan of the pods. They provide a nice soft landing but still give you a little extra umph on toe-off. I found myself lacing these up for all kinds of runs – from speed work to recovery runs. They worked well across the board.

on cloudrush

The Bad

Thomas: You never forget the pods are there. The CloudRush isn’t a shoe that disappears on the foot during your run. It isn’t a bad sensation, but worth mentioning. I didn’t get any heel lift, but the laces were so long I did the lacing trick just to use up some length.

Meaghan: My first few runs in these shoes weren’t great. The pods in the forefoot bothered me – I could feel them under my big toe. I’m not sure if I got used the feeling or what, but after a couple more runs, I didn’t have any issues.

on cloudrush

On CloudRush Conclusion

Thomas: This is a great looking fast day/ race day shoe. I lump it in with the Nike Streak 6, 361º KgM2 2, adidas adizero adios, and the Nike Elite 9. Fun shoes for tough workouts. The Cloudrush retails for $129.99, that is a little on the high side for a speed shoe, but it’s Swiss. I imagine these will be popular in the Triathlon circuit.

Meaghan: The ON Cloudrush is considered a fast day shoe, but I’d put this into the everyday trainer category. I like this shoe for easy days and fast(ish) days. My W7.5 came in just under 7oz, so the weight is ideal. The price point is a wee bit steep at $130, but you’re getting a quality trainer. It’s certainly a shoe to consider.


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