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361º KgM2 2 Performance Review

The Good

Austin: The upper section of the KgM2 2’s outsole is comprised of fidget spinners. Actually, the fidget spinner shape. After holding the shoe in my hands for a few moments and observing the outsole pattern, I knew this would be destined for workouts and races. At 8.1 ounces (in a men’s size 9) and a 9.5 millimeter drop, the KgM2 2 is a strong contender for faster runs. 361 employs QU!KFOAM and CMEVA in the midsole for protection and responsiveness.

On to the particulars. Regarding sizing, the 361º KgM2 is true to size. I used 12 as the baseline and didn’t see any need to size up or down after multiple runs. Midfoot and forefoot volume are medium. My feet felt secure in the midfoot and toe splay was adequate. The drastic weight reduction, when using the Sensation 2 as a model for comparison, is abundantly evident in the absence of numerous overlays. The seamless mesh used in the upper feels nice, too.

And ride? As a forefoot striker, I love shoes with a firm but cushioned forefoot (e.g. the Adidas Adizero Adios, GOmeb Speed 4, and the New Balance Hanzo S). But unlike the Adios at $140, Speed 4 at $130, or even the Hanzo S at $120, the KgM2 is priced the lowest among these four models at $110.

Thomas: The 361º KgM2 2 is the best 361º shoe I have gotten to review. Well, the first two were the Sensation and the Sensation 2. Both of those are stability shoes, and stability shoes are typically turds when it comes to my preference. The Kgm2 2 is how I like my trainers, light (8.9 oz. M 10.5), clean design, enough cushion under the foot without being sloppy or too pillowy, and great traction on the outsole. This shoe is no joke. It reminded me of the Nike Streak 6 while I was running, maybe just a bit beefier.

The fit is badass on a scale of shitty to badass. I liked the simple welded flat overlays, thin flat tongue, and the moderately padded collar slash heel counter. This show left out the bullshit for sure. No extra tpu plates or any other gimmicks. This shoe is dialed down to a pure trainer.

The outsole of the KgM2 2 had plenty of rubber and provided good grip. After 30+ miles, there is no noticeable wear. The dual layer midsole offers a firm cushioned ride with a little bounce. I was delighted with the way the KgM2 2 performed.

Meaghan: With a name like KgM2 2, I wasn’t expecting a whole lot from this shoe. The good news is that I was pleasantly surprised.  The mesh upper is thin and breathable with a few film overlays for support. They fit my wide feet well and I had plenty of room for my toes to spread out. There is ample cushioning around the collar for comfort, but the tongue is a super thin, flimsy piece of material. It worked fine in this shoe.

The midsole/outsole combination makes for a fairly firm shoe. 361 uses two types of foam through the midfoot: CMEVA and QUIKFOAM. The outsole contains carbon and blown rubber for added durability and traction. I haven’t seen any real wear after 40+ miles. Even with the rubber coverage, these shoes are super light, my W7.5 came in at 7oz.

kgm2 2

The Bad

Austin: I may be in the minority when it comes to how the tongue on a running shoe should feel or be designed, but I’m very mindful of the shape, dimensions, thickness, texture, and coarseness. The KgM2 2 tongue is paper thin, and while I can appreciate this from a weight reduction standpoint, it did slide down and off to the side during my runs. This did not lead to pain or irritation, but I would prefer it to stay in place at all times.

Thomas: My right toes rubbed a little tiny bit, it may have been a production issue, but just in case you may want to try a half size up and see which you prefer. Can we talk about the name of the shoe? What kind of name is KgM2 2? This would be a good name for a protocol droid, but sorta sucks for a running shoe, especially when the name of the company is numbers! It is like trying to remember a phone number. 361º if you can’t think of a good name for the shoe, call me I will come up with a bunch. Other than that, excellent work on this one.

Meaghan: I obviously agree with Thomas on the name of the shoe. But, in real concerns: the mesh upper has become discolored and I’ve got a tiny hole on the top of one of them. I’m not sure if that’s a me problem (I sweat a lot), but the color of my socks has been absorbed into the upper, which is not the greatest look.

361 kgm2 2

361º KgM2 2 Conclusion

Austin: Sadly, I’m no closer to unraveling the mystery behind the name, even after scouring the web for hints or clues. No matter. There’s no shortage of weird shoe names currently, and I’m confident that more from the likes of all the major brands will be unveiled in the coming years. Names aside, what runners value above all else is comfort, however that may be defined, and value. The KgM2 2 checks both boxes.

Thomas: I could use the 361º KgM2 2 for an everyday trainer. Most runners will want a little more under the feet for their long slow miles, but you could use this shoe for all your miles. It will shine on faster workouts and would be an excellent choice for race days. Well done 361º. 9mm drop if you care about that stuff.

Meaghan: I expected to wear the KgM2 2 once and be done with it. However, I ended up lacing these guys up for workout after workout. They became my go-to when I knew I had to pick up the pace. I could see the KgM2 2 being used both as an everyday trainer and fast day shoe, and at $110, the price point is ideal.


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