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Track & Cross Country Running Shoes • February 17, 2021

Nike ZoomX Dragonfly Performance Review


What You Need To Know

  • Weighs 4.7 oz. (133.25 g) for a US M9 / W10.5
  • Slab of ZoomX foam makes these maybe the comfiest spike out there?
  • Seems like this shoe is breaking records every other week
  • Wearing socks in these is a federal offense

MERCER: Nike has done it. The industry titan has brought ZoomX goodness to the track and, in Nike fashion, it’s fast. The Nike ZoomX Dragonfly is the brand’s newest distance spike. It has quickly stormed the professional and college levels and is even creeping into the high school scene.

This cushioned monster has taken two of Bekele’s world records in the 5K and 10K that stood for over a decade. Just last week the entire Oregon squad raced with this shoe, pulling in the top two all-time NCAA collegiate records (and a number six all-time) for the indoor mile. I have a feeling that, much like the Vaporfly/Alphafly NEXT%, the records will continue to fall through 2021 and beyond.

This is a completely new spike from Nike that takes inspiration from past models to create the behemoth that it is today. The Matumbo was Nike’s distance spike before the Dragonfly, and you can see nods to the past including a similar collar and lacing system.


The Good

MERCER: The Dragonfly’s outsole sports a six-pin plate with a ribbed texture. It isn’t as grippy as the Matumbo or Victory 3, but it performs really well. The stock studs you get will definitely give you enough traction on curves, and the sharkskin in the heel keeps the ride stable throughout the race. 

This is the first shoe I’ve ever had with a ZoomX midsole, and I’m in love. The ZoomX combined with the spike plate embedded in the foam gives off a nice smooth ride while still adding pop. It’s a strange experience to run with this amount of cushion compared to traditional spikes, but after a couple of strides, the sensation feels natural. You can definitely use this for daily track work, as it acts like a splat (spike flat), but I’m not sure how long this ZoomX will last.

The Dragonfly gets even better when we look at the upper. There are plenty of nods to the old Matumbo, including the hole in the back for heel lockdown.

The new laces work wonders despite them running on the longer side. The best practice is to double-knot to avoid too much overhang.

I’m a big fan of the shape of the spike. It’s a bit more curved than the Matumbo, which allows you to stay on your toes easier and really explode for the last 200 meters.

One last thing: there is PLENTY of room in the toebox. As someone with wide feet, I appreciate the spacious fit. Even our own Jarrett might be able to slip these on.

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The Bad

MERCER: My only complaint is that the tongue tends to bunch up when tying the shoe. Otherwise, this shoe is a dream.

Shop Nike  Dragonfly dragonfly

Nike ZoomX Dragonfly Conclusion

MERCER: Wow, Nike. Please keep doing what you’re doing in the track and field space because the Dragonfly is perfect. For the consumers out there, forget any concerns about the $150 price tag, these are worth every penny. I’d recommend these spikes to anyone running a mile or longer.

You can pick up the Nike ZoomX Dragonfly at Running Warehouse (featuring free 2-day shipping and 90-day returns) by using the shop link below.

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  1. Flyn Meadows says:

    Where did you purchase this pair? On the Nike website the image shows the spike with a completely white midsole, but I have noticed that most review samples have an orange midsole topline.

    1. Mercer Alden says:

      I bought mine at Potomac River Running in Northern Virginia. I just noticed with your comment that the foam color is different than stock pictures even from where I bought them. All of the athletes that I have seen wearing them also have the same orange topline. So it could be a safe bet that it would have the orange topline of you ordered it from Nike.

  2. Patrick says:

    This is a 3000m+ or 2 mile+ distance spike, for something shorter you will prefer the Nike Air zoom victory spike, which is a tad more aggressive, but still not harsh.

    Availability is still very limited in the EU, but I use one pair for some training and reserve one pair for races. Hope availability will be better in the future, this is really an issue with high end shoes from many brands, especially in the EU

  3. David says:

    How would the Nike ZoomX Dragonfly compare with the Reebok Floatride Run Fast Pro 2.0 for running the 1600m and and 3200m in track? Thank you!!!

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