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Track & Cross Country Running Shoes • November 13, 2021

New Balance XC7 V3 Performance Review

new balance xc7 spike feature

What You Need To Know

  • Weighs 6.2 oz. (175 g.) for a US M9 / 6.0 oz. (170 g.) for a US W8
  • Sweet RevLite RC foam and grippy rubber outsole
  • New upper makes for a rather chunky spike
  • On clearance now for $49 at Running Warehouse.

MERCER: The New Balance XC7 V3 is one of the many popular models that you’ll see on athletes from cross country through the outdoor track season. It’s a beautiful spike with enough cushion and pop to last a long time. An update in the upper makes it feel chunky but is still breathable and light on foot.

new balance xc7 spike side and sole

The Good

MERCER: The blown rubber outsole is nice and grippy. You’ll be able to cover all sorts of surfaces in these. The rubber runs the length of the shoe, which even gives the spike a little pop off the toe. For a beginner spike, I wish the New Balance XC7 V3 had a little bit more of that RevLite goodness to give newer runners a little more cushion. That said, the midsole feels great as is and more than gets you through the finish line.

The upper on this spike is like a cake. The inside contains a plush layer for a soft on-foot feel, and then it has this funky frosting/overlay layer on the outside. Mud and dirt aren’t getting into this spike. Water might be an issue, but it isn’t too much of a problem.

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The Bad

MERCER: My feet don’t like New Balance shoes. I went true to size, and my feet felt a little cramped. The upper also runs hot, so by the end of a workout, you’re feet will be barking. If you live in a hotter area, the old model has a thinner upper that could work better for you.

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New Balance XC7 V3 Conclusion

MERCER: The New Balance XC7 v3 is a solid beginner spike without the bells and whistles of more specialized models. I’d love to see some weight shaved off for a cleaner look and better feel, but what New Balance has going on right now is pretty good. Other cross country spikes I’d compare this to are the Nike Zoom Rival XC and the Saucony Kilkenny XC 8.

You can pick up the New Balance XC 7 V3 on clearance for $49 at Running Warehouse (featuring free 2-day shipping and 90-day returns) by using the shop link below.

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  1. Simon Langford says:

    How do these compare with the Brooks Draft XC?

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