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Track & XC • March 1, 2021

New Balance LD5Kv7 Performance Review


What You Need To Know

  • Weighs 4.4 oz. (126 g) for a US M9 / W 10.5
  • Engineered knit upper disappears on foot
  • Full-length Pebax plate is different, but good different
  • Almost a no-sock spike

MERCER: New Balance has been churning out some nice spikes recently. The Sigma Aria, MD500 and MD800 were all bangers, so I was excited to see how the LD5Kv7 stacked up.

The LD5Kv6 originally had a mesh upper and booty style fit, but the v7 opted for a knit upper booty construction. However, the REVlite midsole and Pebax spike plate didn’t go anywhere so if you liked the old ride, you’ll love this model.


The Good

MERCER: When this shoe arrived, I was skeptical. The full Pebax plate really threw me off because you rarely see full plates on distance track spikes. But on the LD5Kv7, it works. The grip of the plate is unreal, as it takes curves well and straightaways even better. Along with grip, the full plate provides some pop to this shoe, which I appreciate for longer races. 

At first glance, I saw a par-for-the-course midsole. But once I put it on, wow. The REVlite really shines once you get moving, and the combo of the foam and full plate makes this an above average spike.

The LD5Kv7 sports a one-piece knit upper that’s tighter woven in the back to provide greater stability in the heel. The upper is super breathable and disappears on foot while adding just enough protection from the laces.

Shop LD5Kv7 ld5kv7

The Bad

MERCER: The LD5Kv7 gets a 9 out of 10 on the no-sock scale because of the heel counter. It bends a lot and rubs on the Achilles in my experience. It isn’t too bad but it could definitely leave some blisters, so just be mindful if wearing no socks.

Just like Jordynn’s Sigma Arias, the laces are just too long. And honestly, I don’t really think these need laces. If the upper was a bit more dialed in we could have a nice laceless spike on our hands. Just a thought @NewBalance.

The toebox in this shoe is pretty narrow. I’ve got wider feet and my big toe hangs off the side just a smidge. So fair warning to our Jarrett stans.

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New Balance LD5Kv7 Conclusion

MERCER: New Balance put together yet another banger of a spike. The LD5Kv7 is everything you could need in a sleek package. I’d recommend this spike to those focusing on long-distance events. The LD5Kv7 is comparable to the Nike Dragonfly and the Adidas Adizero Avanti.

You can pick up the New Balance LD5Kv7 by using the shop link below.

Shop LD5Kv7

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