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Road Running Shoes • March 31, 2022

Brooks Launch GTS 9 Review: A Ravenna by Any Other Name

brooks launch gts 9 cover

What You Need To Know

  • Weighs 8.6 oz. (244 g.) in a US M9 / 7.5 oz. (213 g.) in a US W7
  • Ravenna was definitely a cooler name
  • Even mo’ BioMoGo goodness
  • Improved Creel Wrap mesh for a more secure fit
  • Available now for $109

MERCER: The Brooks Launch GTS 9 is a high schooler’s dream shoe. It’s ready for use on every surface and workout while only costing $110. While it doesn’t have many bells and whistles, this is the textbook definition of a get-it-done shoe.

ALDREN: If I’m not a fan of a shoe, I’ll make sure not to sugarcoat it. I didn’t have a glowing review for the Brooks Launch GTS 8, but it started to sing once I ran in it more. The smooth rubber transition on the outsole and the light on-foot feel simply got the job done. I might usually land on the cushy side of things, but it’s still nice to feel the road every so often.

brooks launch gts 9 top and side

The Good

MERCER: Of course, we all know that BioMoGo isn’t the most responsive thing on the planet, but the Brooks Launch GTS 9 doesn’t try to make it something it’s not. With a firm underfoot and ample blown rubber, it provides a feeling close to the Kinvara. Some runners can probably take this shoe the distance, but it wasn’t right for me once I got past 6 miles without my knees barking.

With the tight-fitting Creel Wrap upper and the new shaped heel counter, your foot is snuggled in for a racer-type fit. I did find the shoe fitting a bit tight in the toe box, which is very unlike Brooks.

Pairing the guardrails with the BioMoGo creates a nice firm ride that’s a little stable but doesn’t hold a candle to your Adrenaline or Glycerin GTS. However, it’ll keep your ankles from going haywire all the same.

ALDREN: The Brooks Launch GTS 9 retains many of the same traditions as its predecessor. The midsole comprises BioMoGo DNA cushioning, which keeps a very firm, yet snappy ride from stride to stride. This update added an extra 2mm of BioMoGo stack to apply a little bit more cush than in years past. The bottom is finished with a solid blown rubber outsole that somehow remains lightweight.

The upper is a new Creel Wrap mesh that somewhat snugs the foot down tight to resemble a racing flat, and it’s probably the biggest improvement from last year. The heel runs a lot more fitted, making the new Launch GTS 9 feel much faster, if you hadn’t picked up on my racing references.

The last bit on the Launch GTS 9 is Brooks’ GuideRail System. The GuideRails aren’t as firm as the ones found on the Glycerin GTS 20 and Adrenaline 22, but this still allows for enough support to guide the foot into a neutral position.

Shop Brooks Launch – Men Shop Brooks Launch – Women brooks launch gts 9 side and bottom

The Bad

MERCER: Other than the tightness in the toes and some trashy laces, there isn’t a lot going on. The shoe is only $110, and most running stores will give out student discounts, so you’re probably gonna save some doubloons on an already affordable shoe.

Also, this orange color is atrocious.

ALDREN: I’ve got nothing. If you understand what you’re paying for, it’s $110 for a solid daily trainer. The laces are pretty pathetic, and the tongue is super thin, so I could see it causing some lace pressure, but I didn’t notice anything. Obviously, there are softer options out there, but they all come with a higher price.

Shop Brooks Launch – Men Shop Brooks Launch – Women brooks launch gts 9 angle

Brooks Launch GTS 9 Conclusion

MERCER: For someone on a tight budget or maybe looking for a firm feeling, this shoe will work great. I wish I liked the Brooks Launch GTS 9 a little more, but my legs beg for those higher cushion shoes. Comparable shoes are gonna be the Saucony Axon 2 and the Nike Winflo.

ALDREN: The Brooks Launch GTS 9 will get the job done. It’s a lightweight daily trainer that can handle a ton of miles. I recommend this shoe for anyone looking to add an affordable rotation option or someone just getting into running. This is a solid lightweight race day option without blowing the bank on a pair of super shoes.

A similar model would be the New Balance Prism v2, another lightweight stability option.

You can pick up the Brooks Launch GTS 9 at Running Warehouse (featuring free 2-day shipping and 90-day returns) by using the shop link below.

Shop Brooks Launch – Men Shop Brooks Launch – Women


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  1. Frank says:

    Aw, I disagree on the color. It’s fall. The orange is kinda cool and in keeping with the season. It simultaneously has a boy-racer look but doesn’t come with unnecessary neon accents. The dark blue subdues things a bit. I like it. And for $110, I’m not sure there’s actually a better stability shoe out there. Otherwise, you provided exactly the info I needed to make a purchase decision, which is what I came here for.

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