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Road Running Shoes • November 18, 2020

ASICS GEL-Nimbus 23 Performance Review


What You Need To Know

  • Weighs 10.9 oz. (309 g) for a US M9.0 / oz. (260 g) for a US W7.0
  • Daily trainer for easy to long run miles
  • More GEL in the heel for that squish life
  • Like a construction worker that doesn’t wolf-whistle at passerby

ROBBE: What do you want me to tell you? If you’re here, you’re probably looking for a shoe that gets the job done. The ASICS GEL-Nimbus 23 walks onto the construction site and gets to work, as it has for the last 22 versions. And if you liked the last version – guess what? This one will suit you fine. Much is the same, a few things are different.

For shoe geeks and runners who are deep into the shoe game, you already know you won’t be buying this shoe. There are many other daily training options (including ASICS ones) that are lighter, more specific to your style of running, have newer and “bouncier” foams, etc.

But there’s a reason why ASICS sells a shit ton of this shoe and why this will be one of the most-read reviews on our site. It’s this: If you’re getting into the game and want something that will last as long as the Fast and the Furious franchise while providing comfort and day-in and day-out reliability, the GEL-Nimbus 23 has all you need.

Let’s get into it, and I’ll tell you why this can work for you, and maybe why it won’t.


The Good

ROBBE: I always throw all of these types of shoes into the “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” category. This can be good, and this can be bad. In the past, ASICS applied that line to all of its shoes, and the company got real stale. However, they’ve begun to turn it around with some really nice releases this past year, including the ASICS Novablast, GEL-Kayano Lite, and GEL-Nimbus Lite 2. We’ve seen what 2021 has in store and it’s only getting better.

But this shoe ain’t broke, and there’s no reason to overhaul it just yet. Runners who don’t want to think about what’s on their feet will have no problem with this update. The engineered mesh upper (made of 20% recycled materials) is great, as usual. ASICS uppers are always solid, especially in their daily trainers. There is no lack of comfort. An Ortholite sock liner rounds out the cushion. Lockdown is good, with maybe just a bit more room than the GEL-Nimbus 22? I had no issues. The tongue is plusher on this version, which is probably unnecessary. But it indeed feels good.

And what would an ASICS shoe be without GEL? This one has even more visible gel in the heel for extreme shock absorption. There’s also some GEL in the forefoot, as well as pillars to help stabilize and return energy. The two types of midsole foam (Flytefoam and Flytefoam Propel) provide a nice and responsive ride for miles on end. I mean, it really does provide

I took this shoe on a 10-mile run and several shorter runs. What I liked is the comfort, the structure, the cushion, and the fit. It’s just a solid shoe all around. Legs felt great at all points during and after.

Grip is exceptional, thanks to the thick rubber outsole. This shoe will not be wearing out anytime soon.

Drop is 10 mm (25 heel/15 toe) for men, while the women’s version is 13 mm (27 in heel, 14 in toe). Supposedly this has to do with the musculoskeletal differences between the two. I didn’t have a problem with it, but people who prefer lower drops will probably pass on this.

I can’t really comment on the breathability of the upper, because it’s like 50 degrees right now, so it’s not like my feet are getting that hot. I thought it felt great.

In terms of looks, I like this carrier grey/digital aqua (okay, whatever that is) colorway. Not bad.

Shop GEL-NIMBUS 23 – Men Shop GEL-NIMBUS 23 – Women ASICS GEL-NIMBUS 23 - HEEL 2

The Bad

ROBBE: Well, the weight of this shoe is always going to be an issue for me. Its weight (10.9 ounces for a men’s size 9) has stayed the same for at least the last three years. Now, I know there is now a GEL-Nimbus Lite, but that shoe is just a totally different shoe altogether (save for a somewhat similar upper). I want this shoe, but just a half-ounce to an ounce lighter. I don’t know if that would sell, because they might have to make some sacrifices in durability. But hey, this is my review, I’m just telling you what I want, Veruca Salt style.

Not really a bad thing, but just take note– this is strictly a daily trainer shoe. Filler miles. Easy miles. Could you run your first half marathon or marathon in it? Sure, but it gets clunky as hell when you try and pick up the pace.


ASICS GEL-Nimbus 23 Conclusion

ROBBE: ASICS is staying true to the Nimbus, as it should, because it probably makes them tens of millions of dollars a year. It is also a cornerstone of their company and for good reason – it’s a shoe that lets runners run without having to think about anything. It will work for 3-5 mile easy runs and up to 20 mile long runs.

Am I going to run in this shoe after this review? I typically would say no. I enjoy the GEL-Nimbus Lite 2 much more and have other shoes I prefer for faster paces. But the more I’ve run in this, the more I can say that I’ll definitely pull it out when my legs are feeling beat or want a break. It’s not going to change your running world, but it’ll keep it running on its axis.

You can pre-order the ASICS GEL-Nimbus 23 right now at or pick it up for $150 on 11/27 at Running Warehouse by using the shop link below.

You can pick up the at Running Warehouse (featuring free 2-day shipping and 90-day returns) by using the shop link below.


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  1. Dave Smith says:

    Cheers Robbe great review love the way liken it to stepping on the construction site👍 My kind of language.

    1. Robbe Reddinger says:

      Believe it or not, I have plenty of experience in manual labor 😂

      1. roman says:

        ASICS, Gel-Nimbus 23 The top of the sneaker is very flimsy 2 months after the purchase, the sneakers broke, the top layer was worn out, and from the inside! The store offered to make an examination for the marriage, it showed that there are no factory defects. That is, the period of wearing these sneakers can be 2 months. The store now requires payment of expertise))) And representatives of Asics either do not answer, or write that they can not help in any way, they say, contact the store (Lol. this is what the store sews these sneakers) and offer a 20% discount))) Here is such a top model in the line, I do not advise) A friend bought before me, they lived with him for a couple of months and the top also broke

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