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Another Nike Pegasus 32 Review



Originally Austin reviewed the Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 32 for us. Check out Austin’s review. You would think one review would be enough?! However, Meaghan and I were given the chance to review the Pegasus 32 and we couldn’t say no. Who says no to Nike? If you do you end up sitting on your couch while team U.S.A. kicks butt in frickin’ Bejing China. Chew on that.

The Good

Thomas: One shoe to rule them all? Maybe. The Nike Pegasus 32 combines a lot of versatility into this daily trainer. The shoe is sturdy enough for plenty of miles with a fully covered rubber outsole. The midsole is soft enough on landing for long runs and firm enough to pick up the pace when you need the speed. Pegasus 32 has a great feel underfoot and was more flexible through the stride than I expected. This shoe delivers a smooth comfortable ride with a 10 mm drop. The upper fits my narrow foot well. I did have to pull a little harder than normal to get the preferred fit over the arch, but once I got there the Nike fit nicely. At the throat of the laces, they did a nice job architecturally to keep the shoe from puckering over the toe when us narrow footed folks cinch down. I expected a lot out of the Nike upper and it delivered. 1. It looks cool. 2. It breathes well. 3. The Flywire works to create structure and provide a good fit. For this type of trainer, the Nike Pegasus 32 is light! This fully loaded mile muncher weighed in at 10.65 oz. for a size 10.5. The price at $110 is pretty reasonable.

Meaghan: The last pair of Nikes I wore were the Lunar 1 Flyknit.  The Air Zoom Pegasus 32 is a neutral trainer that can withstand lots of miles. The upper is constructed with an airy mesh and Flywire technology. It breathes well and hugs the foot. The Flywire runs vertically from the laces to the sole and distributes tension from the laces around the foot, rather than just pressing down on the top. I think it works well. The midsole is soft, but has a nice bounce; they feel springy underfoot. I was surprised at the forefoot flex of this shoe. There’s a lot of rubber on the outsole. However, they bend easily and give a smooth transition from landing to toe-off.  We’ve only had these shoes for a little over a week, but I’ve put nearly 100 miles on them. I tested them out on long runs, recovery runs, and even some speed work. I think they work for just about everything. At a price point of $110, you can get your miles worth. I haven’t seen any real wear.

The Bad

Thomas: The lacing system could be worked on to make it easier to adjust the shoe to your liking. I wish they could blend the heel counter from the Nike Free 4.0 into the Pegasus. I can’t pinpoint what I don’t like about the current heel counter, but it seems unnecessarily stiff and constructed.

Meaghan: I had a couple issues with these shoes. The first is the fit. I have wide feet and these shoes didn’t provide enough room for me in the forefoot. I came home with bloody toes on the reg. The second issue I had was the lacing. The Flywire technology is on point, but I needed more of the actual laces (or flat lacing that stays tied). If I didn’t double-knot them, they came untied mid-run. If I tightened the shoes to the point where I had enough lacing to double-knot, they were too tight. Again, my wide feet are to blame here. If you have unfortunate feet like me, I would suggest going a half size up, or selecting the 2E (wide option) for this shoe.


Thomas: The Nike Pegasus 32 delivers a superb shoe at a good price. Shoes that feel similar to me are, Under Armour Speedform Gemini, Brooks Glycerine 13, New Balance 890 V5, and the Puma Ignite. That is good company. The Peg is good looking enough to be worn for fashion and performs well enough for marathons. Go long, go short, go to Starbucks. The Pegasus 32 will be a good choice for any of these activities.

Meaghan: If you read the Bad section of my Pegasus 32 review, you might think I didn’t like these shoes. That is not the case. Sure I had some issues, but I also found myself lacing up the Pegasus 32 time and time again. These shoes are durable, light (W7.5 = 8oz) and super sexy. It was refreshing to put on a daily trainer with lots of cushioning that weighed well under 9oz. Thank you, Nike. I will keep sporting these shoes for all sorts of runs.


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August 22, 2015

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