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Puma Ignite Review

Thomas: Puma isn’t afraid to try new things. Sometimes it works like the FAAS, and sometimes it doesn’t (cough) Mobium.  At least the Mobium did not work great for me. When the Puma Ignite showed up I was intrigued. It arrived in a sweet marketing package that may have cost more to put together than the shoes them self. So did the Ignite deserve the hype?

The Good

Thomas: The look is bold, and I like it. I actually think it is one of the most eye catching shoes out there in the Purple/Electric Salmon. Puma calls it “deep blue-team italia navy-FLUO PEACH,” but I prefer Electric Salmon. The upper is not only slick looking with it’s flat welded overlays and breathable mesh, it fits well too. The upper reminds me of my all time favorite Puma running shoe, the Puma Faas 500 S. The Ignite seem a little more refined and the welding appears to be improved. The Tongue of the Ignite is very slim with some padding behind the laces and a suede piece at the top that creates a soft feel against the skin. I remember the first time I ran in the Adidas Energy Boost and the Hoka Clifton and thought, whoa this feels different. The Ignite Foam did not give me that new sensation feeling, but it is well cushioned. The new Ignite Foam midsole looks cool. It is smooth and dense. I did not experience the revolutionary feel marketed from the midsole, but it is quite nice to run on. Lots of rubber on the outsole for traction and durability.

Meaghan: For starters, the Puma Ignite is worn by the worlds fastest man, so it has to be legit. Right? I think so. In general, Puma shoes fit well for me. The IGNITE is no exception. The interior of this shoe is pretty dreamy. The sockliner is crazy soft and the suede tongue only adds to the extreme comfort level of this shoe. The flexible, seamless mesh hugs the foot but opens up around the toebox. There is plenty of room for my toes to hang out. Plenty. The foam midsole feels really nice underfoot and the transition from landing to toeoff comes naturally. It’s hard to compare the midsole/outsole of this shoe to anything. I’d say it’s a similar feel to the Fresh Foam… but a heavier, more flexible version? It’s dense. These shoes feel sturdy and durable.

The Bad

Thomas: There may be too much rubber on the outsole. Granted most of my runs in the Puma Ignite were in less than 40º F, this may have dampened the softness of the rubber. The other thing the outsole does is add weight. The size 10.5 weighed in at 11.65 oz. Not a deal breaker, but on the heavier side of the spectrum.

Meaghan: I have two negatives for this shoe. The first is the sizing. I think they run a little large. My W7.5 feels closer to a W8. The second is the weight. All the hype about a super fast shoe had me believe these would be light. They are not. The shoes are heavier than several of my daily trainers and support shoes (W7.5 – 8.3 oz).


Thomas: I don’t know why runners I know are reluctant to try Puma Running shoes. The 500 and the Ignite are good running shoes. The Ignite is one of my favorite shoes I have reviewed in 2015, even with a 12mm drop. I guess Bolt likes a big drop. To make this the perfect shoe for me, I would find a way to drop the weight, lower the drop at least down to 8mm, and soften the durometer of the midsole a hair. At $100 and a free 30 day free return trial from Puma Why not give them a shot?!

Meaghan: It was difficult not to fall in love with the Puma Ignite. For starters, the shoes arrived in a fancy box that opened into a pedestal of purple and neon orange beauty. It was like opening the door to a brand new car. I have to give the PR team at Puma props for the presentation. The shoes lived up to the fancy showcasing, too. The sleek look matched the fit and feel. They’re comfortable right out of the box and they’re built with plenty of cushioning for long miles. If Puma could figure out a way to lighten these up, I might have a new favorite road shoe.

BTW – I love this video


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