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Road Running Shoes • November 9, 2023

Adidas Revamps Supernova Line with Three New Models

adidas supernova rise - feature

What You Need To Know

What's Happening

Adidas overhauls the Supernova line with new Dreamstrike+ midsole foam

The Models

Supernova Rise, Supernova Solution, and Supernova Stride

Price & Availability

$140, December 1 (Rise) / February 2024 (Solution and Stride)

Women’s colorway of Adidas Supernova Rise

Supernova Surprise

As running shoe nerds here at Believe in the Run, most of our love for Adidas comes from the Adizero line– the super sexy performance shoes ranging from the tempo speedster of the Takumi Sen 9 to the race day reliable Adios Pro 3 to the robber baron of the Evo 1.

But for most runners dropping into, the Supernova franchise is the go-to repository of cost-friendly trainers for the everyday runner. Truth be told, we’ve passed on the Supernova line in recent years– with a heavy Boost midsole, the shoes kind of sat in that heavy/clunky range. Which is fine for walking and everyday wear, but not so great for performance running.

That is why we welcome the updates to the revamped Supernova line, which now features three new shoes– the Supernova Rise (December 1), as well as the Supernova Solution and Supernova Stride (both coming February 22, 2024). The franchise overhaul is meant to enable more people to run and offer comfort along the way. In short, it’s a line built on comfort and performance, the two things that the majority of runners want the most.

For the purposes of this first look, we’ll take a look at the first shoe, the Supernova Rise. Focusing on maximum comfort, Adidas is introducing Dreamstrike+, an all-new midsole material which “takes inspiration from Lightstrike Pro– the midsole material used across the record-breaking Adizero franchise.” This is a good thing, considering we love Lightstrike Pro. It’s resilient, bouncy, and remains responsive on the run. Assuming it’s an upgrade to Boost (too heavy) and standard Lightstrike (too firm), we’re on board.

A Support Rod System– which appear to be inspired by the EnergyRods found in the Adizero line– create a tandem of support and transition underfoot. We currently don’t have any info on what the rods are made of. In our opinion, the entire design seems to be a budget version of the Boston 12 and/or Prime X 2.

Again, focusing on comfort, the shoes feature a Comfort Heel Fit, which uses “a combination of cushioning foam and soft textile designed for maximum comfort and support.” Adidas also focused heavily on female runners for the production of this shoe, conducting research on over 1,300 runners to create a women’s specific last.

As far as specs like stack height and drop, we don’t have those yet, but will surely include them in the full review of the shoes. The Supernova Rise will be available on December 1, 2023 for $140 on; the Supernova Solution and Stride will be available February 22, 2024.


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