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Trail Running Shoes • April 2, 2021

361 Degrees Yushan 2 Performance Review


What You Need To Know

  • Weighs 12.3 oz. (349 g) for a US M9 / 8 oz. (227 g) for a US W7
  • Qu!kfoam midsole gives a plush, bouncy ride
  • Grit and grime are no match for this stylish upper
  • May be a seasonal shoe due to a thick upper

TAYLOR: 361° is known worldwide with products ranging from basketball shoes that are fully prepared for a lunar landing to stripped-down speedsters that are ready to toe the start line. The Yushan 2 is 361°’s latest trail offering. In its second edition, the Yushan seems to have garnered a lot of attention with additions in the cushioning and grip department. With a fresh colorway, the Yushan 2 has a lot going on. 

ALEX: Until this shoe arrived, I had zero experience with this brand and had no idea what to expect. That said, the women’s colorway gave me an immediate urge to crimp my hair and put on a tube top with acid-washed jeans. I was into it.


The Good

TAYLOR: Despite its heft, the Yushan 2 doesn’t skimp on performance.

The Yushan 2 is super comfy with a thick one-piece knit upper that keeps a runner’s feet at ease. It’s a tightly woven material that keeps out dirt and debris to keep that comfort going throughout your run. It reminds me a lot of Mizuno’s Wave Knit upper with a similar thickness and comfort. The integrated tongue holds the foot softly and securely. 

The real security comes from an added Morphit technology and molded heel cup. This is basically a knit overlay that surrounds the whole foot. It gives support around the midfoot, added durability, and more overall comfort. I was surprised at how well this package handled moderately technical trails with little to no shifting inside. 

The Yushan 2 contains 361°’s EVA foams, Qu!kfoam and Qu!kspring+. The combination is dense and moderately responsive. It’s not a cloud-like ride at all, which I actually like. The  18-26 mm stack height is enough to feel well-protected underfoot. Each stride is consistently smooth in the Yushan 2. The lack of a rock plate allows the shoe to maintain some flex for smooth transitions. 

The outsole is par for the course as far as grip is concerned. The Yushan 2 has only 3 mm lugs but their varied shape and direction give confidence over all-terrain including pavement, gravel, packed snow, dry rocky trail, and mud. 

I think the black/raft colorway is gorgeous. The deep black acts as a better canvas for mud than many of the white colorways that are popping up. The triad of primary colors really pops off of it too. 

ALEX: The heel collar is one of the first things I check out on new shoes, and this one is like a perfectly contoured neck pillow for my heel. It’s unobtrusive and nicely padded. While we are back there, let’s talk about that 3D high-frequency molded heel. Not only does it add to the stability of the shoe by locking the heel in place, but it also provides a shield of armor around your heel.  

I liked that the Yushan 2 has a similar stack height to the HOKA ONE ONE Speedgoat, and my Achilles didn’t mind the extra 4 mm of drop. The soft Qu!kfoam gives this shoe a lot of flex and a moderately bouncy feel. I took this shoe out on mixed surface runs that included snow and ice, gravel, technical trail, and pavement. The grippy outsole was able to handle any terrain and transitioned seamlessly between surfaces.

Shop Yushan 2 – Men Shop Yushan 2 – Women 361-yushan2-heel

The Bad

TAYLOR: 13.9 ounces. Let me say that again. 13.9 ounces. Compared to many other trail shoes, these are like train cars. I’m not sure why 361° added 2.3 ounces from the first iteration. If you’re looking into this shoe, think of it as a 10 mile or less shoe or a hiker.

Also, with such a thick upper, this will not be your first choice for trail adventures in the summertime. 

ALEX: This shoe is a little excessive. It delivers on balancing responsiveness, stability, and durability, I just can’t help but wonder if it could have accomplished this with less. For example, the molded heel and toe, while highly protective, make the shoe feel bulky. 

The closed mesh upper adds weight to the Yushan 2 and makes me think that it won’t breathe as well as some of its easy-breezy competitors in the summer months.

Shop Yushan 2 – Men Shop Yushan 2 – Women 361-yushan2

361 Degrees Yushan 2 Conclusion

TAYLOR: The 361° Yushan 2 is for those looking for an uber-comfortable trail shoe. Overall, the knit upper and moderately soft Qu!kfoam pull the weight of this proficient crossover shoe. With a smooth ride, secure fit, 8 mm drop, and grippy but subtle outsole, this shoe is a good option for those who are familiar with the road scene and want a shoe to take to the trails. 

ALEX: The 361° Yushan 2 is a versatile shoe that offers a stable ride, responsive midsole, and lots of protection for long days out on the trail. 

You can pick up the 361 Degrees Yushan 2  by using the shop link below.

Shop Yushan 2 – Men Shop Yushan 2 – Women

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