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The Drop Podcast • September 8, 2023

The Drop E188 | Salomon S/Lab Phantasm 2, Meg’s 100-Mile Week, and More

the drop e188


It’s not an illusion: Salomon has a legit race day shoe in the S/Lab Phantasm 2. But before we talk about that, we must discuss Meg’s 100-mile training week, the merits of banana splits, and the reality of reviewing shoes and how brands perceive us. The Salomon S/Lab Phantasm 2 releases on October 1 for $275.

This episode is sponsored by Electrolit, a scientifically formulated hydration beverage that replenishes the body during physical activity, intense heat, and other outdoor warm-weather activities. It’s legit, we drink it, you should check them out.

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The Drop E188 | Adidas Prime X 2 Strung


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