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The Drop Podcast • June 30, 2023

The Drop E168 | On Cloudboom Echo 3, Meg Hits a Sufferfest at the BAA 10K

man holding an on racing shoe on left, woman smiling in the middle, man with tie dye shirt on right and a mustache


Meg’s in Boston at the New Balance Research Lab with the Train to NYC team, but no worries, the podcast must go on. Thomas and Robbe manage to not burn headquarters down, though next week may be a different story when we go full Joe Dirt on our stash of 4th of July fireworks. Also, we talk about the On Cloudboom Echo 3, a $290 race day shoe that may or may not live up to the price tag. Also– Summer GRIT starts on Saturday! Kind of crept up on us, so not sure we even mentioned it, but we’re ready to roll.

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The Drop E168 | June 30, 2023


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