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The Drop Podcast • May 10, 2024

E257 | Mizuno Neo Vista, Berlin Marathon Entry Giveaway, Netflix Algorithms

man on left holding blue shoe, woman in center, man on right holding blue shoe


We’re back in the regular swing of things, which means more random talk about our everyday lives, which actually includes running. Speaking of running, we’re giving away two free guaranteed entries into the 2024 Berlin Marathon, thanks to our friends at Near Earth! They make the best running socks on earth, and now they’re giving you an entry to one of the best races on the planet as well. We also cover the all-new Mizuno Neo Vista, which may end up being one of our favorite shoes so far this year.

Learn more about the Berlin Marathon giveaway and enter here (open to U.S. residents only):

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The Drop E257 | Mizuno Neo Vista


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