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Fuel For The Sole • March 28, 2023

Fuel for the Sole Ep 50 | What Performance Nutrition Products are Right for You?

Maurten Gels on a black background

This week we answer a listener question on selecting performance nutrition for race day. We discuss the different types, and review two of the most popular options right now: Maurten and UCAN.  

  • The difference between UCAN and Maurten 
  • Slow vs. fast absorbing carbs and how it relates to performance 
  • What happens when you mix sodium with the Maurten hydrogel 
  • The latest products from Maurten  
  • A whole lot more!

Want to be featured on the show? Share your questions via the Anchor App (just click the ‘message’ button) or email us at to be featured. 

This episode is fueled by ASICS! 

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