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The Drop Podcast • November 10, 2023

E206 | New York City Marathon Recap & New Balance SC Elite v4



Is the New York City Marathon weekend a national holiday? At this point, it should be. Our last stop on the train to NYC took us right into the heart of marathon weekend, where we met and hung out with so many of you. From the expo to the shake out run with New Balance to the marathon itself, we’re not sure anything can top what just went down. Hear all about our full in-depth recap of the weekend and the race itself, and forgive us if we get a little lost along the way.

Special thanks to New Balance and New York Road Runners, and of course, to all of you. We really have a special community of runners and couldn’t do it it without your support.


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The Drop E206 | NYC Marathon Recap & New Balance SC Elite v4


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