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General Running • February 23, 2022

Performance Tea Review: A New Nutrition Brew

performance tea cover

What You Need To Know

  • Plant-based tea mixes based out of Colorado
  • Adaptogen teas offer plenty of health benefits
  • No, you can’t get high on the CBD mixes
  • Most teas cost between $40 and $50

BRANDON: Have you ever heard of Performance Tea? Probably not. It’s certainly not a knock on Performance Tea, though. They’re a small performance nutrition brand based out of Colorado with only one focus in mind: to curate and craft impressive plant-based products for both wellness and performance.

To me, the versatility and variety of their products are what make Performance Tea so unique. I recently had the opportunity to test out some of their more popular products. They sent over four teas: Revive, for a morning kick; Endurance, for workouts and runs; Focus, for when I’m at work; and Snooze, for recovery and relaxation before bed.

All of Performance Tea’s mixes come in the form of a powder with a small plastic spoon, which makes life easy. You don’t have to be an herbal mixologist to get the proper ratio here. The packaging is smart and modern in design and provides all of the nutritional facts and directions on best enjoying the tea.

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Like I mentioned earlier, all of these products are plant-based, so this stuff is perfect for all of you cool hip vegans out there. There are two branches to their products: Adaptogen Tea and CBD Tea. Adaptogens are a little hippie-sounding, but basically, they’re specific herbs and roots used to alleviate stress, insomnia, anxiety, and depression and help bolster the body’s immune system. CBD Tea, on the other hand, is found in the other products I tested, including Snooze and Revive.

Before I bore you too much about all of the mumbo-jumbo rhetoric, just know that the CBD Snooze knocked me the f*ck out (in a good way). One last thing, I promise. Outside of the Endurance tea mix, I recommend mixing all of these products with hot water, not cold. You can do either, but it tastes much better as a hot tea.


performance tea revive packaging

BRANDON: You’re starting your day, and maybe you’re not a morning person. You reach for your morning coffee or tea, and this is where Revive comes into play. Revive is meant to give you a real kick in the pants to start your morning. It’s blended with turmeric and made for the use of mobility and movement.

Revive falls under the CBD branch and includes 420mg or plant-based cannabinoids. 420 — get it? At least I crack myself up. Anyway, this stuff provides smooth energy and contains no sugars. When I tested the product, I found the turmeric to be pretty spicy. From a flavor perspective, I really felt that kick. I’d recommend this product if you’re looking for another way to start your morning without caffeine.

PRICE: $49.95

Shop Revive Tea


performance tea endurance packaging

BRANDON: All right, you’ve had your morning tea, now off for your morning run. Not without some Endurance tea, though. This half and half lemonade and iced tea flavored sports mix is perfect for any part of the workout. Endurance falls under Performance Tea’s adaptogen branch.

Endurance is an electrolyte and adaptogen sports mix for performance. Not only does it provide you with extra calories and electrolytes to keep your systems running, but it also offers all of the essential nutrients and components you need for a great workout or race. Not only does it taste great, but it’s easy to use. Add one or two scoops to a 24 oz bottle of water, shake, and you are good to go.

It’s a simple formula. Adaptogens, calories, and electrolytes combine to make a perfect drink mix for any occasion. I enjoyed testing this stuff out. No, seriously. As I write this now, I’m sipping on some Endurance. I had some before a few of my runs and even a time trial and felt great the whole time.

PRICE: $19.95

Shop Endurance Tea


performance tea focus packaging

BRANDON: Focus might have been my least favorite of the bunch, but that may have more to do with my inability to focus and stay in one place in general than it has to do with the actual product. I also had Focus while at work and mixed it with cold water, but all I could taste were cacao nibs. I tried it again and mixed it with hot water with much better results.

Focus is an adaptogen product and is supposed to help you, well, focus. I tested this product at work a few times and found myself not feeling very different. The whole point of the product is to “get in the zone.” Focus not only provides you with the nutrients you need in the middle of your day, but it also works for the beginning too. Focus is another product you can have next to your morning brew and helps provide “mental clarity” to your day.

Performance Tea recommends mixing this product with milk and honey, and I agree. I enjoyed the taste of Focus much more when adding the extra supplements. This one is vegan and gluten-free.

PRICE: $39.95

Shop Focus Tea


BRANDON: So, I don’t know which one I like more — Snooze or Endurance. This is easily one of my favorite products of the bunch. Like I mentioned earlier, Snooze knocked me out! If you’re someone who takes melatonin and sleeping aids daily or struggles with insomnia, or just needs to chill out now and then, then this is a drink to consider.

The supporting supplement in Snooze is chamomile, which is known to help with muscle relaxation and sleep. I’m not sure I even have to say this, but Snooze falls into the CBD category of products from Performance Tea and offers 420mg of plant-based cannabinoids.

No, you can not get high off of this stuff — even if some of us at the office hoped otherwise. I recommend adding some milk and honey for flavor, and it’s best served hot.

PRICE: $49.95

Shop Snooze Tea

Performance Tea Conclusion

BRANDON: Many of these teas range around the $50 to $60 range, making it maybe a little steep (tea pun, get it?). However, each purchase should last you over a month, and the materials aren’t cheap. Most plant-based products are generally more expensive, anyway. If you want the best materials, you’ll have to pay for them.

However, Performance Tea understands that not everyone can afford these prices and offers a fully customizable subscription plan that includes 20% off your order. If that’s still too expensive, Performance Tea also sells single packets at an even more affordable price. That way, you can try the product before making a total commitment. Performance Tea also offers other products that we didn’t test, such as Immunity, Balance, Energy, and Recovery.

Performance Tea is best for anyone who participates in an activity or sport within the endurance field. Outside of athletics, the Performance team provides a wide array of wellness products for anyone who might need some nutritional supplements to help them through their day. I really like what Performance Tea has to offer. The company has some great products that I’ve since implemented into my everyday routine, such as Endurance and Snooze. I believe it can be very competitive against other supplement competitors such as Nuun and Scratch.

Shop Performance Tea

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