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General Running • March 1, 2024

Norda Releases Cinder Pack Across Full Line of Footwear

norda - cinder pack feature

What You Need To Know

The Collection

New spring colorway style for Norda footwear

The Models

001, 002, 003


$285-$295 USD

norda - cinder pack feature

Norda 001 – Cinder

Cinder Garden

Spring is just around the corner, which means we’re looking forward to all things alive. A renewal, a rebirth, a fresh coat of paint. The sentiment applies to shoes as well, the likes of which have been trashed by mud, snow, salt, and slush over the past few months.

We’ve been rocking our Norda oo1 and 003 all winter long, from running to lifestyle and everything in between. (We also enjoy the 002, but it doesn’t see as much love since it’s more of a performance shoe.)

norda cinder pack - 003 (2)

Norda 003 – Cinder

norda cinder pack - laces

And while we’re perpetually huge fans of pretty much any Norda colorway (seriously, how do they consistently put out drool-worthy designs), we’re not gonna lie and say we haven’t been looking forward to the Cinder Pack that we knew was coming sometime this year.

So yeah, it’s here. And it looks about as awesome as you think it would. Whether it’s in the standard model 001, the lighter and speedier 002, or the slip-on 003, the cinder blocking hits all the high notes with a muted sand tone and ebony accents throughout.

If you’ve been sitting on the fence about Norda, now’s probably a good time to get off. If you’re new to Norda, know that you’ll be getting one of the most indestructible shoes we’ve ever tried, and quite possibly our favorite overall shoe of the past couple years on account of its durability, fashionability, versatility, and performance.

Check out the Cinder Pack at, where you can shop the 001 ($285), 002 ($295), and 003 ($295).

Shop Norda Cinder Pack - Men Shop Norda Cinder Pack - Women

Norda Cinder Pack


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