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Training • April 4, 2023

It Turns Out Nike Run Club and Ted Lasso Believe in the Run, Too

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What You Need To Know


Nike and Apple have teamed up to promote Ted Lasso


April 3 through April 9


Anywhere in the United States

We’ve always considered ourselves among the biggest believers around — especially when it comes to running. After all, who names a website after something and gets a logo tattooed on their body unless they’re serious? Well, now there are some new believers in town, led by none other than the manager of AFC Richmond, Ted Lasso, and Nike Run Club. Confused? So were we, but we’re all here to get our miles in together, and Coach Lasso has some infectious energy.

In case you’re a little behind the technology times, the third season of Apple’s hit series, Ted Lasso, premiered a few weeks ago, and now Apple and Nike have teamed up for a little challenge. It’s called the Believe in the Run Challenge — which is not affiliated with us in any way, shape, or form — and lives on the Nike Run Club app.

Honestly, the task couldn’t be simpler: Just run five miles or, if you’re across the pond, eight kilometers. You can run the full distance at one time or tick off a mile (or about two kilometers) each day. Cover the distance between April 3 and April 9, and you’ll get a free two-month trial of Apple TV Plus. That’s much longer than Apple’s usual trial and plenty of time to catch up on the first two seasons of Ted Lasso.

Nike Run Club’s challenges work the same as those on Strava — log your workout, and earn your reward. You don’t have to jump through any other hoops, and workouts count towards multiple challenges at the same time.

Again, Nike Run Club’s Believe in the Run Challenge isn’t affiliated with us, and Coach Lasso wasn’t allowed to accept the merch we tried to send him, but at least he has excellent taste in names. Robbe still has a better ‘stache, though.

Now get out there and Believe in the Run; you know we do. And Nike Run Club does. And so does Ted Lasso. What a world.

Download Nike Run Club - iOS Download Nike Run Club - Android

By the way, Believe in the Run is a registered trademark owned by us here at Big Run Media.


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  1. Ron lasso says:

    Anybody actually recieve this trial

  2. Marty says:

    No; i signed up for it but when i push redeem.
    It says this is no longer available.

  3. Ron Quezon says:

    I also tried to redeem, but says it is not available.

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