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Running Apparel • February 28, 2023

The Best Gear from the 2023 Tracksmith NDO collection

tracksmith ndo 2023 cover

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What You Need to Know

The Gear

New versions of cold-weather staples

The Colors

Ebony and Ivory… I mean, Black and White

The Cost

$58 to $308

About The Gear

Alright, we’ll be the first to admit that this winter wasn’t exactly as expected. We’re used to bundling up, cycling through multiple coats and countless pairs of tights, and struggling to thaw our hands after some cold-ass miles. This year, not so much. Los Angeles has had more snow than the rest of us — not that we’re really complaining.

If you happen to live in the City of Angels (or, ya know, somewhere that got some snow), there’s some gear that might make your days a little better. Tracksmith is back with its rite of winter, the No Days Off collection — NDO from here on out. It’s not the New England brand’s most colorful collection, but we’re not usually too worried about color in the cold of January and February. Besides, when the sun doesn’t come up until you’re done running, who cares what color you have on?

As always, the Tracksmith NDO collection includes some full-coverage silhouettes, as well as plenty of layers for the extra-cold days. We’ve picked out a few of the pieces we’ve run in, and some others that can become bonafide staples of your winter getup. Just keep in mind that if you fall into a snowbank in the Ivory colorways, you just might disappear — just kidding, well, mostly.

Anyway, enough rambling about Tracksmith and its winter gear, let’s take a quick look at our favorite pieces from the 2023 NDO collection.

Tracksmith NDO Jacket

tracksmith ndo 2023 jacket

BRANDON: I’ve wanted the Tracksmith NDO Jacket for a long time, but I could never justify pulling the trigger at a cool $308. Now, I have it. Honestly, the Ivory colorway is extremely clean and offers a nice kick of style for occasions beyond just running.

However, I almost immediately realized that the NDO Jacket isn’t actually all that warm. Yes, it’s part of the NDO collection, and sure, it’s great against wind, snow, and rain, but not the cold. If you decide to pick it up, just know that you’ll probably have to add some layers. On the bright side, the elastic cuffs around the wrists were a pleasant surprise and something that helped the warmth and heat trapped in the jacket. There are also some merino elements around the collar to trap a little warmth back in.

If you run with your phone or keys like me, you’re probably wondering whether there are enough pockets and storage solutions for your next run. Thankfully, yes. The two side zip pockets are big enough to carry gloves, some nutrition, and whatever other light items you may need. The NDO jacket finalizes its packing system with an internal cell phone pocket so you can listen to your music or stay connected while out on the run.

As we’ve seen in most of the other Tracksmith NDO products, the jacket is decked with 3M reflective elements. The most noticeable one is the reflective sash that runs across the bottom half of the jacket and illuminates bright enough to keep you visible to cars or trucks on the road. I think this is a great running jacket for most weather conditions. Not only is it functional, but it’s stylish and looks great, too, even if the ivory colorway makes you look like part of the Italian mafia.

PRICE: $308

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Tracksmith NDO Tights

tracksmith ndo 2023 tights

If you know us, you know we’re suckers for a good pair of tights. Seriously, we have some pairs of the Tracksmith Turnover that have seen more than their share of orbits around the sun. Granted, the NDO Tights aren’t exactly the same, but you won’t find us nit-picking over the changes. In fact, the double-layered design might be the best that Tracksmith has to offer.

Tracksmith says that the design itself is inspired by the snug comfort of a wetsuit, and we’re inclined to believe them. The envelope pockets on the back make it easy to carry all your goods without removing your mittens, and there’s even a zipper pocket for a phone. You’ll notice the large reflective sash immediately, and there are matching hits on the back to ensure that you’re completely visible from all angles. Like the rest of the Tracksmith NDO collection, the Tights come in either Ivory or black.

Just be prepared to wash the Ivory pair extra thoroughly on slushy days.

PRICE: $198

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Tracksmith NDO Wind-Block Mockneck

tracksmith ndo 2023 mock neck

THOMAS: This is a genius piece of gear. This one James Bond villain-style Mockneck covers three pieces of gear. It has a built-in neck gaiter, a long sleeve winter weight shirt, and a wind-blocking vest, all elegantly meshed together. When it comes to winter running, this piece can handle all the odd jobs. Paired with the NDO Tights, Tracksmith has your Thunderballs covered.

The gear is good-looking, so you won’t want to keep it for your eyes only. I’m sorry. I just feel like I look like a Bond villain in the NDO Wind-Block Mockneck, so I went with it. BTW — Looking like a Bond villain is a good thing.

PRICE: $168

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Tracksmith NDO 2-in-1 Mittens

tracksmith ndo 2023 mittens

BRANDON: I’ve been longing for a new pair of mittens, and I was finally able to snag a pair. The Tracksmith NDO 2-in-1 mittens comprise an interior pair of nylon gloves followed by an outer mitten for extra protection from the elements. Alone, the mittens are gloves that can be used during the Spring and Autumn seasons on those colder weather days. In the winter, both items together provide enough comfort, warmth, and protection from the snow, wind, and rain.

You’ll also notice that the black mittens include a slick reflective black sash. It should help make you more visible to oncoming traffic from either direction. The mittens have an integrated magnet system to keep your gloves together and compact in one position. Unlike most gloves in the past that have failed to utilize this system correctly, the Tracksmith NDO 2-in-1 mittens have strong enough magnets to keep the gloves tightly together. I was pleasantly surprised by how good they are.

That said, I was provided with a pair a size too big for me. I am usually a size small but received a medium. The gloves fit perfectly, but the mittens were way too big and left ample space. For $58, you’re getting two items which I think is a pretty good deal considering it’s a Tracksmith product.

PRICE: $58

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Tracksmith Rapid Transit Crew

tracksmith ndo 2023 rapid transit crew

Let’s bring it home with one piece of the Tracksmith NDO collection that’s as good for chilling as it is for running — the Rapid Transit Crew. The Tracksmith team loves to wear it to work as well as on travel days, and we don’t blame them. It’s made from a Merino blend that’s soft and cozy, which is all that matters when traveling. We’re also fans of the slightly lopped finish of the Merino — it’s basically little nubs of texture.

Actually, the Rapid Transit Crew is one of the only NDO pieces that doesn’t come in Ivory and black, instead swapping for Indigo… or black. Always black. Just keep in mind that the Rapid Transit Crew isn’t made for wind or water resistance. This one is really just for comfort. There’s also a larger Rapid Transit collection if you want some Tracksmith gear that you can wear to work.

PRICE: $158

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