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Accessories • September 14, 2018

Sungod Sunglasses Performance Review

sungod sunglasses

Before we even get to the review, I gotta mention that Sungod Sunglasses have a lifetime guarantee. Who the hell offers a lifetime guarantee on sunglasses? That sounds like a losing business plan, but Sungod states “We’ve built our reputation on high-performance products with unrivaled durability. That’s why your SunGod PaceBreakers™ frames are covered by the SunGod Lifetime Guarantee.” Pretty badass.

Sungod Pacemaker

The Good

You may have noticed runners are all starting to look the same. I blame this on Goodr sunglasses. At every group run or race, you will see people in the brightly colored $25 sunglasses. They have there place in mediocrity and serve their purpose well. They remind me of Swatch Watches, affordable, fun, easy to scratch, and functioned within expectations for the price point. Don’t get me wrong Goodr sunglasses have their place and are great for runners on a tight budget.

When it is time to step up the quality and style game, Sungod has you covered. Obviously, the lens offer 100% UV protection, where they go beyond the standard realm is in the 2mm polycarbonate core which adds better clarity and makes them impact resistant. Wait I am not doe; the lens has triple layer scratch resistance, after all, what is a lifetime frame guarantee worth if your lenses are a mess. Finally, the lenses have an anti-reflective inner lens coating. YOU ARE COVERED ON BOTH SIDES OF THE LENS! This cuts down glare significantly.

I tried both the Pacemaker and the Classics2 frames. Both are light, and both had the 4KO lens package. The Pacemaker is amazing for running and cycling. The wrap-around lens provides full coverage and is lightweight on your face. I did a 21-mile run with the Pacemaker in overcast conditions. After a few minutes, my eyes had adjusted, and I didn’t notice I was even wearing sunglasses. They didn’t fog up on the run either.

Style-wise, the Pacemaker is rad. Not leisure hang out rad, but aggressive sports rad. For casual I switch it up and wear the Classics2. The best thing about both pairs is that you can customize them to fit your style. I am talking down to the color of the mirrored lens (12 lenses total to chose from) and the logo on the temples. The Sungod website’s UX is easy to understand and simple to use making it easy to get your shades just the way you want them. After making mine, they arrived at my house in around a week.

Customize your own Sungods


The Bad

The only knock I have on the Sungod sunglasses is that the Classics2 isn’t as ideal for running as the Pacemaker frames. The Classic2 will bounce a little more and won’t feel as secure on your face. But, duh.

Sungod Pacemaker and Classic2 Conclusion

I highly recommend the Sungod sunglasses. Between the ability to chose from several frames, lens, colors, and styles, Sungod stands out from the crowded sunglass market. The quality of the optics also exceeds expectations, glare is nearly eliminated, and the polarized lens serves up the crisp contrast in most light conditions from overcast to bright sunlight. Be nice to your face and put some Sungods on it, people that have to look at you will thank you too.

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Accessories • September 14, 2018

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