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Running Apparel • September 30, 2022

Roark Releases All-New Motörhead Collection and Yes, It Goes Hard

roark run amok motorhead

What You Need To Know


14-piece limited-edition collection featuring iconic Motörhead designs


Full range of running and lifestyle apparel from shorts to tees to hoodies


Um… it’s pretty/very badass?


Available now


If your running isn’t rock ‘n’ roll, then what the f*ck are you doing with your life? Loud and fast with a splash of chaos is how we like it, and that’s how Roark likes it too, as they just released their first collaboration born out of a love for music and running. But it’s not just any collaboration, it’s a pairing of their modern Run Amok apparel line with that of iconic speed metal saviors of Motörhead.

Over two years in the making, the 14 pieces of this technical performance collection range from a button-up to running shorts to a hoodie and joggers. The exceptional detailing includes Motörhead lyrics and song titles, as well as graphics drawn from the band’s extensive career, including Snaggletooth, the war-pig that’s become a legendary symbol of metal.

In the words of Lemmy: “On your feet, you feel the beat, it goes straight to your spine.” Our backbones are tingling, so let’s turn it up loud.

Check out some of our favorite pieces below.

(Photos courtesy of Roark)


I guess we’ll put our favorite piece first. This baseball-style long sleeve tee is made of 85% polyester and 15% cotton (i.e. DriRlease Knit) for a super soft feel agains the skin. It features the Motörhead Iron Fist logo on the chest and a throwback to their 1982 U.S. tour on the back. This is that shirt for the low-50F range when you want to stay a little warm but look good while doing it. Or, don’t run it, just wear it as a badass shirt. You do you.

PRICE: $69

Shop Mathis Raglan Knit



I mean, it’s a button-up. For running. We’re gonna love it the same way we loved it when rabbit did the same thing. It also has a big and bold war pig on the back, along with a Lemmy patch on the front chest, so what else could you want?

Built with a 4-way stretch, microperforated, nylon Tactel/poly blend, and rubber buttons, it’s actually made for a range of endeavors which makes it the most versatile piece of apparel in this collection.

PRICE: $95

Shop Bless Up Button Up



roark run amok motorhead mathis tee

We already told you how much we love the long sleeve version of the Mathis, so just take that love and put it into a short sleeve shirt. What’s great about this one is that it comes in three designs: black with Snaggletooth the war-pig, black with “You Better Run” skeleton, and red tie-dyed “Everything Louder All of The Time.” 

I took this out for a 6-mile run in high-50F temperatures this week, which is the perfect scenario for this shirt. It’s definitely meant as a casual/running shirt, so I would save it for this shoulder season temperatures, but the good news is that it’s a fantastic all-around shirt which means you can wear it pretty much whenever the hell you want. 

I have another Mathis tee from the fall collection and it’s definitely in the top three most comfortable t-shirts I own, maybe even number one on a good day. The slim fit (without being too tight) is perfect for runners.

PRICE: $55-75

Shop Mathis Short Sleeve



roark run amok motorhead 5 panel hat

I only have one other Roark Run Amok hat, and for awhile it was my go-to cap for everything. I stopped wearing it only because I lost it, but I just found it again last week so it looks like we’re back in action.

This one is every bit as good as that one, featuring a lightweight stretch fabric, comfort notch velcro back strap, and a clean finish with interior taping and heat transfer logos. I don’t know what else to tell you– it’s a hat that looks damn cool and will keep your head cool on the run.

PRICE: $45

Shop 5-Panel Hat



roark motorhead serrano short front

Again, I ran in these shorts the other night and I have to say, before I tried them on I was very skeptical I would actually wear these for a run. Why? Because the inseam length is 8 inches. In some running circles, those would be considered capris, maybe even bell-bottoms. But I guess it makes sense since this is their “relaxed active short.”

Surprisingly, I actually liked these and the cut seems to be a bit slimmer so they don’t look like swimming trunks. I believe they’re also meant for the trail, so there’s plenty of storage options, including mesh-lined front pockets, a back zip pocket, and a small side stash pocket (which came in quite handy for my car key fob). The jacquard elastic waistband is also incredibly comfortable, and a huge improvement on their Alta waistband, of which I am not a fan at all.

Be aware that these shorts do not come with a liner, so you will have to pair it with a compression short or something like Path Projects’ run liner.

PRICE: $75

Shop Serrano 2.0 Shorts



So, this is not a running hoodie. At all. We have the non-Motörhead version of this, and it’s the kind of fleece that will have you sweating silver bullets in any temperature if you try to actually run in it. But let me tell ya– it’s probably my favorite hoodie for the colder months. It’s legitimately midweight, incredibly comfortable, and the fit is absolutely perfect. Now that it’s getting cooler here in Baltimore, I just busted it out again and wore it last week and yep– it’s still great.

Also, one of my biggest pet peeves is when hoods are overlooked on hoodies, and this one is just right, meaning it feels like you’re sinking into a cocoon for the rest of the season. Throw in some nice, deep handwarmer pockets and a long tail for extra bum protection, and it’s everything you could want. Of course, the black cloud camo with Motörhead detailing takes this over the top, so get in on this now for the dark days ahead.

PRICE: $139

Shop El Morro Hoodie



Nothing breeds confidence like a good pair of socks on race day. Sure, you could wear neon yellow crews with your Alphafly 2, or you could murder out your whole kit and sync it up with the Louder Hi socks. I mean, honestly, do you want to feel like a runner or a rock star? Exactly.

PRICE: $29

Shop Louder Hi Socks



Though these are some of our favorite pieces in the Roark Run Amok Motörhead collection, there are plenty more where those came from. Check all of them out and see which one goes hardest for you.


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  1. Aaron Schnetzler says:

    Well…so much for the Xmas budget

    1. Robbe Reddinger says:

      Hahaha right??

  2. Nater Kane says:

    This this a collab you guys are doing with The Hard Times, yeah?

  3. Just Bob says:

    Yo Robbe! Great reviews. Which of the three short sleeve you tried (two black, one red)? And, which one is more slim fit perfect for runners, you say? Are the socks up for fall-winter weather? Cheers & Thanks much.

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