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Running Apparel • October 3, 2022

Nathan Sports Releases Puffer Line For Off-The-Run Wear

nathan sports puffer jacket - feature

What You Need To Know


Nathan unveils their puffer line, featuring jackets and vests for off-the-run activities


Utilizes Beyond Down synthetic fill as a substitute for natural down


Outer shell of the jacket features Pertex, an extremely durable fabric made from 100% recycled polyester


Available now


It’s getting crisp out there, kids. And while a long sleeve or tights is adequate for those chilly morning weekend runs, everyone knows the most important part about the long run is getting warm and cozy afterward. Sure, drinking coffee/beer/whiskey/all of the above can get you to the start line of cold recovery, but we need something a bit better.

Enter the Nathan Puffer line. Yes, Nathan Sports is now in the business of puffer jackets (and vests).

Did we see this one coming? Nope, but we’re glad it’s here.

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The puffer line is more akin to a puffer sampler, considering it’s just a jacket and a vest for both men and women, but either way, the pieces are advanced beyond your typical running gear. If anyone’s ever owned the North Face Thermoball or Patagonia Down Sweater, you know the best way to keep warm is to pack your jacket with a bunch of goose down. Of course, we’d love to get that without loss of life from our geese brethren, so we’re happy to report that Nathan uses Beyond Down insulation, an eco-friendly alternative to goose down.

Shop Nathan Puffer - Men Shop Nathan Puffer - Women nathan sports puffer jacket - sleeve

But does it work? Oh, it most definitely does. The fill is equal to a 600FP down-filled jacket, without losing heat when wet. For comparison, the Patagonia Down Sweater is 800FP (but it will also cost you $80 more). The warmth of the jacket is instantly noticeable. When we first got it into the office, I put it on and felt like I was overheating in about a minute (that’s a good thing).

Some down jackets can be a bit too loose, which is good for layering, but there’s really no need for layering with this jacket, seeing as it comes in at 600FP. Thankfully, this jacket sits snug against the body, so the heat retention is top-notch with elastic-bound cuffs to aid in the battle against the elements. Windproofing is solid as well as the outer shell of the jacket features Pertex, an extremely durable fabric made from 100% recycled polyester.

As far as fit goes, the jacket hits right below the belt line, and the sleeves taper at the wrist for a clean, slim fit. I’ve strayed away from puffer jackets in the past when they make me look like the Michelin Man mascot, but I’m happy to report the Nathan Puffer jacket ($200) steers clear of that.

Two zippered hand pockets are expected, but the interior chest pocket is a nice touch, perfect for stashing a phone or wallet. The cotton-lined hand pockets are warm enough to consider ditching the gloves, too. Our men’s size small weighed less than 14 oz.

The only odd thing was that the women’s jacket has a hood and the men’s does not, which was a bit disappointing because, well– why not? For the ladies, though, the hood is well contoured and stays in place even in breezier conditions.

nathan sports puffer jacket - brandon

Full disclosure: we did not get to test the Puffer Vest ($125), but seeing as the jacket is essentially a vest with sleeves, we can assure you that the quality and performance are there.

Again, obviously we’re not wearing this for running, but there are plenty of activities that we as runners like to partake in during the other 160 hours a week we’re not running. So if you’re looking for a quality and lightweight jacket or vest to keep you warm during the fall and winter months, and one that comes in at a lower price point than some of the more recognizable brand names, then you’ll be pleased with the Nathan Puffer.

The Nathan Puffer Jacket ($200) and Vest ($125) are both available now at the shop link below.

Shop Nathan Puffer - Men Shop Nathan Puffer - Women nathan sports puffer jacket - b and L

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