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Rabbit Running Gear Review


Rabbit running sent us some of their warmer weather gear to check out. They are from Santa Barbara, California and their gear is made there too. The temps were just starting shift here in Baltimore making it a little harder to try out the clothes. Lucky for us we got a couple mild days in so I could try out the Quadzilla Shorts out, I had to try the Welcome To The Gun Show tank on the treadmill.

rabbit men

Welcome To The Gun Show Tank/Singlet

This fitted tank is sooo soft. It was the first attribute I noticed. This tank feels silky smooth, almost like cotton. The cut is athletic and fits on the tighter side. Tight can go either way, it can show all your flaws or it can mask them. The WTTGS tank flatters the fit runner. Tanks or singlets can look feminine if the tailoring isn’t done well, this shirt looks masculine. If you have been on the fence about trying a sleeveless option, the Rabbit version would be a safe entry for you to show off your guns.

Quadzilla Running Shorts

Rabbit stay true to their mission with these basic 5″ inseam shorts, form follows function and no hype. The shorts fit well. The medium fit my 31″ waist perfectly and like the name suggests, they were just short enough to let the quads see some sunshine.

I really liked the gear. The fabrics feel good, the cuts fit really well. We have reviewed other apparel brands that stumble with sizing out of the gate. Rabbit seems to know how to tailor for the runners body, or at least, mine. The style is more chic than I expect from California too.

rabbit women

Tee Amo T-Shirt

The Tee Amo is an awesome running shirt. The fit is perfect and the cut is flattering. It’s by far the softest, lightest running shirt I own. By far. It’s a magical blend of polyester, nylon and spandex. Since it’s been cold here in Baltimore, I didn’t have a chance to wear the tee outside, but I put it through some very sweaty treadmill miles. The material feels like it will hold sweat, but it does the opposite. My shirt felt perfectly dry just a few minutes after running.  I never had any issues with rubbing or chaffing. I would recommend this shirt to anyone who runs, or wants to look like they do, while sporting a really comfortable, good-looking tee.

Hopper 4″ Running Shorts

I wanted to love these shorts, I really did… but they were a little too snug and short for my liking*. (I am overly conservative in my short selection). For a lot of lady runners, these shorts will be a must-have and a favorite. They’re well-made and extremely comfortable. The lining of the shorts are designed with rabbitMESH which is a really lightweight, breathable fabric that doesn’t cling to the body. Like the Tee Amo Tee, I had no issues with chaffing.

*The Run Rabbit Team informed me that the sample size small I received is actually a production size extra-small.

For more about Rabbit check out:


Get the Rabbit story and see more about the project until web site launches on their funded Kickstarter Page




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    “The style is more chic than I expect from California” – huh?

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