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Apparel • May 13, 2019

Rabbit Running Apparel Review | Summer 2019

Rabbit running apparel’s spring/summer 2019 line features their known quick ‘n’ fit fabric that is incredibly soft and comfortable, providing miles of enjoyment. For men and women alike, there are some must-have items in the newest line. And did we mention that it’s all manufactured in California with love? It shows.


Run Fast, Lounge Hard Tee

Thomas: This shirt is for the fans of Rabbit gear, peppered all over with the Rabbit logo. The fit isn’t too tight or overly baggy. The weight tech fabric is on the thicker side, singling it out for spring and fall runs (the hot humid Baltimore summers have me in lighter fabrics or no shirt at all). Other than the weight, the Run Fast Lounge Hard Tee is pretty standard.

Best In Show Shorts

Thomas: If you want to feel like you’re streaking, the Best in Show Shorts are about as close as you can get to being naked on the run. The little fabric used to make the 3″ shorts are lightweight and lets in fresh air with semi-split legs. The waistband is a soft band of elastic that fits well without any need for a tie. There is no room to be bashful in these shorts, but there is room for a gel or your key in the pocket built into the liner.


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EZ Tee Heather Long Sleeve

Robbe: This and the singlet below are my first experiences with rabbit, and I can tell you they won’t be my last (even though I think their branding is lacking, but that’s being picky). I’m not speaking in reviewer hyperbole—this shirt is the most comfortable shirt I’ve ever owned. Rabbit calls it “impossibly soft” and they’re not wrong. They’re known for their quick ‘n’ fit fabric and the “magical combination” of 94% poly/6% spandex is exactly that. It’s the clothing equivalent of an actual Velvet Lop rabbit, and if that’s something you’ve never experienced, get yourself to the nearest county fair and bribe a 4H kid with funnel cake. The cut is perfect, it’s incredible to run in, and looks just as good when worn to the office on casual Fridays, or to the beach on a cloudy day. It’s one of those clothing pieces that covers so many areas and I can’t recommend it enough.

Welcome to the Gun Show Perf

Robbe: I felt a little disingenuous wearing a singlet of this name since I’m working with pea-shooter biceps of the .22-caliber variety, but I’d rather run 10 miles than do 10 pushups, so here we are.

Like the long sleeve, the singlet is also made of 96% poly/ 6% spandex, and also like the long sleeve, it’s incredibly comfortable. It uses perforated fabric that allows for more breathability, which is needed because the fabric itself isn’t as moisture-wicking as other 100% poly singlets. Nevertheless, unlike your typical running singlet that will get you weird looks at a pool party, this singlet can pull double duty as both a running singlet and a casual tank.

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Freedom Tank 

Meaghan: Ladies, the Freedom tank is a must-have for Summer running. It’s designed with rabbit’s ‘quick n’ fit’ perforated fabric that is insanely soft, light and breathable. The tank has a fairly relaxed fit, with a higher neckline, a little shoulder coverage and a scalloped hemline. It’s a flattering design, fits true to size and I am pretty much obsessed with it.

Hopper Shorts

Meaghan: The Hopper short is a solid everyday running short. It comes with two hidden pockets in the waistband and a zippered pocket in the back. Plenty of space to keep your keys or a Gu (or two). They’re lightweight, breathable and come with a 4” inseam. The shorts are considered “slim fit” but they’re not super tight. There’s no drawstring, but I didn’t seem to need one. While these aren’t a “must have” for me like the tank, they’re certainly a quality pair of running shorts.

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