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Lunar Baptism with a new Partner

Ok, the title doesn’t make sense but it will after you read the post.

While I am am enjoying my Newton running shoes and highly recommend them, I just can’t get my head around the price tag of $175.00, especially at the rate I am going through shoes these days.  The Newtons are really great shoes for my running style.  They are light weight (9.4 ounces) and look faster than I can run.  My legs and feet have felt strong and have been injury free the whole time I have been running in them.  The one thing I will not part with from now on is a light weight trainer.  The weight makes a big difference on the long runs.

Thanks to Katie at Charm City Running, I will be receiving a pair of Nike Lunar trainers (Weight: 9.1 ounces) to check out.  At a price point of $100 I could almost get two pairs for the price of one pair of Newtons.  Like I already stated I really do like the Newtons, hopefully I will like the the Lunar trainers too, or I will have to start paying $175 every 300 miles.

On to the Baptism. On my 17 mile run this Saturday (07/11/09), I was listening to a mix by Aeroplane on my iPod, when lyrics in a song… “I stepped into the spring, shed my skin, it rose away with the changing wind” got stuck in my head.  The lyrics moved me and I started to think about why.  I had plenty of time to think after all.  I realized how much running has transformed me on every level.  I don’t even remotely resemble the person I was before running.  I am better at everything I do, physically, mentally, and spiritually.  I like the idea of shedding the old me and emerging a new better person.  Many of my friends don’t understand my relationship with running.  For me it has moved past the desire to loose weight or prove something to others.  I run for many reasons but, a big reason is that running has let me see that the barriers in my mind are not real.  They can be beaten, broken, and smashed.

Wow, that got a little heavy.  Anyhow, the last bit for this post is an update on my running partner for the 2010 TransRockies.  Jeff has decided his head is not up for intense training for this kind of run right now.  Jeff is a tough guy and an intense individual so, I respect his decision.  I would rather know now than right before the training begins.  Jeff is still very active and going after his boxing amateur card.  With Jeff bowing out I could not be more thrilled with the partner stepping in, Juda Campbell McGannon.
Charm City RunJuda is an awesome athlete and part of the Charm City Run crew.  I will post a profile on Juda in the next couple of weeks.  I am excited to train and run with Juda, it is going to be great.


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  1. Pete says:

    I’d love to try the Newotn’s, but agree with you about the price tag – too much for me. I have the Nike LunaRacers and love them – light weight and very comfortable. I think the Luna Trainers are a bit heavier, but I imagine they’ll feel similar – have fun trying them out!

  2. Thanks Pete, I will be sure to let you know how I feel about the Lunars!

  3. stephfrankfurt says:

    Love the post Thomas. My parents have been running since before I was born. I have vivid memories of being pushed in the running stroller when I got young, then ridding my bike while they ran, and now running with them any chance I get. I cherish the times I am home when I get to hit the road with my dad. And it's one of the reasons I've initiated the family Turkey Trot racing tradition in the Weinberg family. Get ready for the Second Annual – I'm staying around this year again!

  4. The Lunar Trainers are really expensive, but damn they are light. I shudder thinking about purchasing my new one as the old ones are almost worn out.

  5. The Lunar Trainers are really expensive, but damn they are light. I shudder thinking about purchasing my new one as the old ones are almost worn out.

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