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Janji Women's Glacier Crop

When Janji first reached out to us back in 2013, I had never even heard of them. Now, it seems like they’re everywhere! If you’re not familiar with Janji running apparel, read up on their story. In a nutshell, they make performance gear and 10% of each sale goes towards constructing, implementing, and maintaining clean water projects.

So what did I think of the tights?

I love them! My favorite aspect being the design. The top half of the tights are primarily black with a diagonal cut into heather gray that make up the bottom half. The waistband has a Peruvian pattern for some fun added color. What’s nice about this design is that it’s super flattering for those of us who are thigh-conscious (am I right, ladies?). I pretty much live in black tights so it’s nice to have a pair that are a little more fun & modern. I am slowly accepting the trend of crazy-pattern tights, but I’m not fully on board.

They fit well. I received a size Small and they were snug through the waist, but not super tight through the legs. The material is really soft and stretchy, not like a compression tight. Janji suggests these are 7/8 length tights, but for us shorter folk they’re basically a full-length tight. I don’t hate it.

Out on the run they performed well. I didn’t have any issues with chaffing. The waistband is comfortable and sits right below the belly button. The tights are 87% polyester / 13% spandex and super soft. Despite feeling pretty thin, they kept me warm in the 35ish degree weather. There’s also a small pocket in the back perfect for a key/credit card or Gu.

These tights have been in a constant rotation of: run, laundry basket, wash, hang dry, run. I’m not sure they’ve made it into the drawer yet.

For $76, you can get a comfortable pair of tights with a flattering design AND you’ll be helping fund a clean water project in Kenya. It’s a win-win. Go get a pair.


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