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General Running • February 8, 2023

Adidas Unveils 2023 Boston Marathon Celebration Jacket

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Gear Up For Boston

Key Details

Made from 70% sustainable materials, sand and stone colorway, no embroidery


February 15



A must-have for any participant of the Boston Marathon, the celebration jacket is a symbol of accomplishment and pride for those running the most iconic marathon of all-time. Each year, the design differs, but the theme remains the same– the unicorn emblazoned on the back and the words ‘Boston Marathon’ up close and personal.

With just over two months until the 127th Boston Marathon on April 15, Adidas unveils this year’s version of the jacket, with a design focused on sustainability and minimal environmental impact.

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Eschewing the traditional blue and yellow color palette of the race, Adidas went a bit more muted with a sand and stone colorway for this year’s ensemble. The jacket is made with a minimum of 70% recycled content and the colorway is a “nod to the intersection of nature and sport.” 

According to Jennifer Thomas, Vice President of Global Sports Marketing at Adidas, the goal was to “provide best-in-class sustainable apparel that supports and emperors our athletes in making their dreams come true: chasing records and personal bests while participating in the Boston Marathon.”

However, not all runners are pleased with the announcement; judging from our post on Instagram, the 2023 design has been contentious to say the least. Some love it and others will pick it up out of an almost moral obligation for running the race. But others are upset with the strong deviation from the Boston colors and the lack of embroidery on the jacket, a perennial feature that elevates the jacket to a higher quality in many runners’ minds.

boston marathon celebration jacket - front

When it comes down to it, we’d venture to guess that even those who are complaining about it will still pick it up. I mean, it’s the Boston Marathon celebration jacket. How else are you gonna flex in line at Starbucks? 

The Boston Marathon celebration jacket will be available to purchase for $120 on February 15 at the shop link below.

Additionally, Adidas will provide unique volunteer jackets to 10,000 volunteers and official Boston Marathon participant t-shirts to nearly 33,000 runners.

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