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Winter GRIT Strength Training for Runners: Week 4

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What You Need To Know


Coach Jess Movold, certified Strength Run Coach

The What

Exercises to help you during your Winter GRIT training

What’s up, Crew?! I hope you have carried out your commitment to yourself (and us Gritters) all the way through to the end. We are almost there! Have you been keeping up with your strength training? I hope so. Just remember, in order to remain a happy and healthy runner, strength training is a critical part of your journey.

I hope these four weeks have taught you that strength training does not need to be complicated. More importantly, you must be consistent with it. You now have 4 strength workouts (most of which have repetitive exercises by design) to revisit and implement into your training program.

Only those paying attention will notice this, BUT since we are in Week 4 of the program, we are revisiting Week 1 Strength. I always like to revisit a workout in week 4 to provide a chance to improve and increase. Week 1 is the time to introduce the intention of the strength session. Now this is your chance to improve.

Follow the specifics of this week’s workout as the reps have changed slightly. Remember, the goal of this session is to revisit your work from Week 1 and improve on quality and efficiency. Just like running!


3 Rounds

5 reps World’s Greatest Stretch (per side)
20 reps Shoulder Taps (total)
10 reps Reverse Lunges (per side)
10 reps Air Squats


5 sets x 6 reps

Front Squats (Use a barbell or dumbbells)
*Rest 90 seconds between sets


3 Rounds

12 reps Dumbbell Romanian Deadlifts

12 reps Dumbell (or bodyweight) Split Squats (per side)
12 reps Dumbbell Push Press

THAW (Test of Heart And Will):

50 Burpees for time

*Modification: 5 minute clock: max reps of burpees (move at your own pace!)

I really enjoyed these last four weeks. Hit me up at @jessmovold if you would like more chances to train together!

As always, it’s time to crush it!

Winter GRIT Strength Training

ft. Coach Jess Movold


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