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Winter GRIT Strength Training for Runners: Week 3

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What You Need To Know


Coach Jess Movold, certified Strength Run Coach

The What

Exercises to help you during your Winter GRIT training

Stay Strong

Hope you’re crushing your miles, jumpin’ out of bed at those early alarm clocks, and feeling PUMPED about all of the fun miles you are raking in this month. I’ve seen lots of impressive, early-morning, COLD runs on the ‘gram and it’s awesome to see the power of community in full effect with all of us gettin’ out the door in challenging conditions. Keep it up!

We are tackling Week 3 of Strength. This is a low-frill workout that can be done at home with dumbbells or at the gym. My mission in providing you with four weeks of strength training is to teach you that weight lifting can truly be as simple as running. Yes, it’s different. Just like running has the easy runs, the track repeats, the tempos, the fartleks, the hill sprints, the easy long runs, the workout long runs, the recovery runs, the rest days (you get the idea), weight lifting is simple but can easily sound complicated. If you were to tell someone that running is simple, and then list ALL of the types of runs out there, you could make a newbie’s head spin. Similarly, strength training can truly be simple and straightforward, just like an easy run. It can also be extremely technical and complex. If you’re new to lifting, focus on straight-forward exercises and repeat them. All you need to do is manipulate the details such as sets, reps, and weights.



4 Rounds
30 second Forearm Plank

15 reps Bodyweight Squats
*Minimal rest between rounds (advanced level: no rest)


5 Rounds

10 Push Ups
10 Goblet Squats (go as heavy as possible while ensuring quality, good-lookin’ reps)

*Rest 45 seconds between rounds


3 Rounds
10 reps Reverse Lunges with Dumbbells (10 per side)

10 reps Dumbbell Push Press

*Rest 45 seconds between rounds

THAW (Test of Heart And Will)

5 minutes of GOOD burpees

*Practice getting GOOD at getting yourself up from the ground. No sloppy reps.

Make sure to watch this video to catch the training tips and don’t forget to tackle this workout once or twice this week. Remember, it all comes down to practice. Just like running, consistency is key!

See you on Strava!

Winter GRIT Strength Training

ft. Coach Jess Movold


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