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Saucony Endorphin Edge | Video Review


Welp, Saucony delivered on their promise. The Saucony Endorphin Edge is the first shoe for trails to actually carry through on the promise of a carbon-plated racing feel that we love on the roads. This shoe is insanely fun but also a bit sketchy (i.e. rolled ankle magnet) on anything less than hard pack/clean trails. But it is very fast and very fun. Available August 2 for $200.


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  1. Hoyt Neal says:

    Awesome review and thanks again for all the insight and honesty. After listening to this, definitely seems to fit a niche in terms of running style and terrain. Spending most of my time trail running in Arizona desert and mountains…dry and compact 80% with varied rocks. Based on your testing, would you recommend? My current trail shoe lineup is: Hoka Evo Mafate, Nike Pegasus Trail 2 and Craft CTM Ultra Carbon. Thanks again and keep the reviews coming.

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