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Atreyu Base Model V2 | 100 Mile Report

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It was only a year and a half ago when Atreyu founder Michael Krajicek was up here telling us about his crazy vision for a simple and affordable running shoe. Fast forward and here were are with the Atreyu Base Model V2, which already has 100 miles in it courtesy of Brandon. So how does it look and more importantly – how does it feel? Check out Brandon’s thoughts. Also – if you have an Atreyu Base model, tell us how many miles you’ve put on your pair (we’ve seen someone take them to 1,000 by the way, which is NUTS).


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  1. I have gotten or tracking to get about 300 miles on each of my v1s. The outsole wear is real and for this chronic over-supinator, it starts noticeably affecting my gait at around the 300 mile mark. It’s super versatile: I’ve run a road 50K in them, raced 100 miles at C&O and taken them out for plenty of trail runs.

    My first pair of v2s is out for delivery and assuming it feels good on a shakeout, I’ll run Boston in them. Love this company and their product and psyched for the upcoming trail model.

  2. Big runner says:

    Spend a little more, get a better shoe.

    + It’s pretty, and light.

    – sole started fraying on first run – was told it was engineered to show wear. I am confused why they would engineer it to look like trash after a first run.

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