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General Running • September 12, 2023

Train to NYC 2 Training Log: 8 Weeks to Go


What You Need To Know

What We're Doing

Running the 2023 New York City Marathon with New Balance

Who's Running It

Some of the best runners and humans that we could assemble for a team

What We're Training In

New Balance SC Trainer v2, New Balance More v4, New Balance SC Elite v3

new balance logo

A Taste of the Big Apple

Time marches on, and so does our training for the 2023 TCS New York City Marathon. This past weekend had us on the actual train to NYC as we boarded the Amtrak in Baltimore and made our way up to Manhattan for the NYRR 5th Avenue Mile.

On Saturday morning, we hosted a group run with New Balance from the New York Road Runners headquarters. A 5-mile route through Central Park was humid and hilly, but at least the clouds provided some shade. After the run we refueled with some bagels and coffee and every attendee got a custom New Balance x Believe in the Run crossbody bag, which– no lie– may be the coolest giveaway swag we’ve ever had.

Custom crossbody bags

As for the race on Sunday, despite some later thunderstorms that canceled a few of the heats, we were able to lace and race a straight shot through the city since we had an earlier start time. The route, starting at The Met and ending at the southern end of Central Park, provided a thrilling memory on an iconic New York City Street. Even if it was short-lived, it still served as a good test for our race day fitness and footwear.

Speaking of footwear (and apparel), New Balance just announced its 2023 New York City Marathon collection, including this incredible colorway of the SC Elite v3 (see below). The whole collection is available now at

Check out each individual’s current status and follow along each week to see how we’re holding up!


NYC colorway of the SC Elite v3


Feeling 🎉

Meaghan Murray

This weekend we traveled up to NYC to race the New Balance 5th Ave Mile and it was all kinds of type 2 fun. Since I’m in the middle of marathon training (and have never actually raced a mile) I didn’t know what to expect. I ended up with a 5:17 and a very positive second half. It was fun, though, and based on my race photos, too much fun compared to everyone around me. I’m okay with that.

Total miles this week: 74


BITR IG Posts - meaghan murray - train to nyc 2 (2)

Leading the crew

Feeling 🙃

Thomas Neuberger

Are we out of the woods? I don’t know about you, but I’m feeling closer to 22. The skies seem to be clearing with regards to the nagging injury. The speed isn’t back yet, but I’m comfortable getting in more mileage. This past weekend I got lost in Central Park during our “shakeout” run with New Balance and the NYRR and turned a 3 mile run into 7 miles.

After I found my way back I finished 13 miles with Robbe. Sunday I “ran” the New Balance 5th Ave Mile. I left the course with some regrets. I played it safe and left a lot on the pavement. I’ll talk about it on this week’s podcast. Basically, I let fear of failure keep me from giving the race a real go. After the race, I was able to run with Meg for a couple more miles. Running with her was the highlight of the day.

Total miles this week: 39

BITR IG Posts - thomas train to nyc 2
new balance 5th avenue mile - thomas

Feeling 🏃💨

Robbe Reddinger

New York was rad. Slowly amping my mileage up, making sure to hit my long runs. Saturday was 16 miles on three loops through Central Park. I almost quit about four times. It was hot, humid, and the sun was blazing. Probably didn’t do the best job of fueling that morning. Thomas helped until mile 11, then a BITR follower came up beside me out of nowhere and ended up saving my day by keeping me company (thanks, Charles). I found two Salt Stick capsules in a baggie on the ground. I was so desperate, I ate them (don’t worry, I tested them first). It helped a ton.

Headed to Brooklyn to a backyard barbecue where they roasted a couple suckling pigs. Delicious. Pretty sure that’s the Nike training plan, and it worked, because I ran a 5:37 in the race the next morning, which is a mile PR for me. Felt pretty good altogether.

Total miles this week: 38

BITR IG Posts - robbe train to nyc 2
two guys running in central park

Did a long run in the SC Trainer v2

Feeling 🫠

Meghann Featherstun

Had a great time at the 5th Avenue Mile this past weekend with the crew! Saturday morning shakeout run from the New York Road Runners’ headquarters was a ton of fun; it was awesome meeting some Fuel for the Sole listeners and getting in some morning miles with everyone. Race day was great, was pretty happy to finish third in my age group with a 5:16 mile. Then my flight home was canceled so I got to experience the joy of driving 6 1/2 hours home in a rental car. Always something when traveling with the BITR crew!

Total miles this week: N/A

BITR IG Posts - Meghann Featherstun - train to nyc 2
group of runners in central park

Fueled by bagels

Feeling 😵‍💫

Alison Staples

The lowest weekly mileage I’ve ever had this far into a training block. Work just would not let me be great. Wasn’t too sure how the 5th Avenue Mile would go, but I’m pleased with my time! Also had a great but very humid shakeout-ish longish run with the BITR team! Looking forward to continuing the build.

Total miles this week: 20

alison staples - nyc marathon 2
woman running with bushes in background

Feeling 🤬

Jarrett Weisberg

Summer came roaring back as a cruel prank to destroy me with one last hot and humid week. Last week was amazing. This week was rough. I made it through training to Saturday and ended up sleeping through my alarm because I was so tired. I opted to switch my long run to Sunday and pushed through to get that done. Things will continue to come up, but as long as I’m flexible with my schedule and mentality, I think I’ll be able to survive this training cycle.

Total miles this week: 39

jarrett weisberg - train to nyc 2
New Balance sc trainer v2

New Balance SC Trainer v2

Feeling 🏙

Brandon Rossi

5th Avenue Mile weekend! That was a fun weekend and I was pumped to run with the team and run a few miles around NYC. The 5th Ave Mile brought all of the energy. I ran the race with Alison and Emily and we cruised through to the finish line. After an exciting week, there is only one more stop left on the Train to NYC– the 2023 NYC Marathon! Let’s go!

Total miles this week: 12

Feeling 🥳

Chris Ford

GREAT NORTH RUN! This week was all about the biggest half marathon in the world! Inspired by BITR team I also put on the first ever Great North Run shakeout which we never would have done if not down to the BITR team… so thank you for inspiring me! NYC Training is still a struggle as I am not pain free so again limited miles to 35 (ended up 34) and will do the same again next week. Still getting help from osteo, but just riding it out! Hoping for a calm week!

Total miles this week: 34

Feeling 🗽

Emily Heller

This week started with trying to get in what I could, when I could. My work schedule was flipped around a bit so I had to rearrange some runs, and ended up missing an easy run. The end of the week completely made up for it though, with the New Balance 5th Avenue Mile! The weekend was packed with runs and tons of fun with the Train To NYC crew. Came out with a 6:46 mile. It was the cherry on top to a great few days.

Total miles this week: 32

emily heller - train to nyc 2
woman running in new york city

We don’t stop at crosswalks

Feeling 🗽

Jess Movold

WOOHOO! Highlight of the week was definitely seeing the Squad! What a great boost of teamwork and excitement! You can feel the NYC magic already. My training this week was pretty good. The 5th Avenue mile ended up in a 1 mile PR of 5:33. Woohooo! While on marathon training legs? I’ll take it. The downside of the week is that I skipped my long run. Just couldn’t make it work over the weekend, so my mileage is lower than it should be. Ohhhhhhh wellll. This is a new week! Let’s freaking gooooo.

Total miles this week: 50

BITR IG Posts - jess movold - train to nyc 2
woman running with other people smiling

Probably having too much fun

Feeling 🦾 ✍️

Chef Joel Mays III

Morning miles are best in this heat! We are finally getting a break in Texas with some double digit weather. Which made for some amazing miles this week and some rain. Some small discomfort in my hip area so compression and ice baths on non-running days and lighter weights in the gym. Strong legs will lead to a strong finish come race day. The first mile will humble you and the last mile will challenge you. Everything in between is practice. See you at the finish line everyone and have a great week.

Total miles this week: 32

chef joel mays III - train to nyc 2

Feeling 😕

Katherine Wuestenfeld

Started off the week in a heat wave which made for some tough running conditions. Fortunately things cooled off quite a bit by the weekend and we’re enjoying perfect conditions. Unfortunately for me, I haven’t been feeling well over the last few days and still had to run a half marathon.

Started off right on pace but in hindsight I should’ve respected how I was feeling. The effort was too hard for what it should’ve been, I should have backed off earlier instead of experiencing a slow crawl to the finish. Not really how I hoped this weekend would go and feeling a little bummed out, but there’s always a new week.

Total miles this week: 51

Katherine Wuestenfeld - train to nyc 2

Feeling 📈

Marcus Fitts

Had an awesome week of running. Glad the weather cooled off a bit for the training. Getting to the peak of my training which is 45-55 miles / week.

Total miles this week: 33

marcus fitts profile 1

Feeling 👍

Hollyn Vermillion

My highlight of the week was my long run workout. It was 14 miles with 6 in the middle at my goal marathon pace. I was able to hit that pace and even a little faster! I’m still figuring out my nutrition strategy and trying different gels. Overall, a good week.

Total miles this week: 33

Feeling 📸

Lo Johnson

Checked off another 2023 run goal! The Charles Street 12 Miler (aka “Chuck 12”) is one of  Baltimore’s very popular races. It’s also the last of 3 races in the B3 series. It felt good to finish strong, a bit slower than last year to be honest but a strong race overall. Got some good feedback from my body. The marathon continues.

Total miles this week: 24

lo johnson - train to nyc 2

Feeling 🥸

Liv Paxton

It’s always a good week when I can get over 60 miles. Not every run felt great, but every run got done. Had a successful marathon pace workout, a successful 3×5 km workout, and survived a 20-mile long run (barely). It was so exciting to see the rest of the team crush the 5th Avenue Mile. I’m heading up to NYC for the Bronx 10 Miler next week– hoping some of that NYC magic rubs off on me!

Total miles this week: 68

BITR IG Posts - liv paxton - train to nyc 2

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