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General Running • August 16, 2023

Train to NYC 2 Training Log: 12 Weeks to Go

What You Need To Know

What You Need To Know

What We're Doing

Running the 2023 New York City Marathon with New Balance

Who's Running It

Some of the best runners and humans that we could assemble for a team

What We're Training In

New Balance SC Trainer v2, New Balance More v4, New Balance SC Elite v3

The Countdown Begins

While it’s still hot as the hinges on the gates of hell out there, fall is coming (according to the calendar, anyway). Which means we have less than three months until the Train to NYC² team runs the five boroughs with New Balance for the 2023 New York City Marathon.

For some of us, training is going as good as we could ask (Meg almost threw down a century), while others are limping out of the gate (hey, I’ll figure it out in time). Anyway, this crew is rock solid and each week we’re excited to see how the progress is coming. Hoping for a cooler race day this year, but preparing the best we can for whatever comes our way.

Check out each individual’s current status and follow along each week to see how we’re holding up!

Feeling 😍

Meaghan Murray

Big week! Since I’m making a stop in Chicago before the NYC Marathon, I’m in the thick of marathon training. This week included 1ks, a threshold workout and my first 20 miler of the training block! I love the marathon grind, so these kinds of weeks make me very happy.

Total miles this week: 92

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Feeling 🚴🏻

Thomas Neuberger

Currently, I am trying to work out some kinks in my foot. That means more miles on the bike than in running shoes. I was able to get a workout in and test some leg turnover. Additionally, I added in the hills with loops in Paterson Park and a trail run. Elevation is gonna play a big role in my training this year. 

Total miles this week: 31

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Feeling 🏔

Robbe Reddinger

Last week was wild. Between traveling to Colorado to visit BOA headquarters (and only getting 3.5 hours of sleep the first night there), going from sea level to intense elevation (8,000+ ft. in Estes Park), then a few days of vacation with the family and lots of hiking in Rocky Mountain National Park, the running miles were hard to come by.

I did manage to get in a 6-mile run on my last day there, though every quarter mile I thought I was dying from lack of oxygen. But hey, it’s an okay trade off for a 58-degree morning and a dry shirt at the end of the run. Altogether running was terrible, sleep was worse, everything else was truly awesome.

Total miles this week: 10

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Feeling 🫠

Meghann Featherstun

What a week! Started out with some solid easy runs, some fast 400 repeats on the track mid-week, a quick trip with Meaghan mid week + more easy miles in a storm down Peachtree Road in Atlanta. Then home to run 20 miles, then another overnight away for my oldest kid’s birthday. Your girl is tired kicking off this Train to NYC, but apparently I function best this way, so let’s gooooooo!

Total miles this week: 63

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Alison Staples

The most unmotivated and lethargic week, saved by a fun long run with friends. 

Total miles this week: 38

alison staples - nyc marathon 2

Feeling like a 👨🏻‍🍼

Jarrett Weisberg

We had a baby this week!!! I was about to head out for my Monday morning run and my wife told me not to. The baby came Tuesday morning and is a beautiful healthy girl. So I guess I could’ve got in my Monday morning run. Obviously the running life got put on the back burner.

I will say, it was quite the marathon being on my feet and not sleeping. Five nights in the hospital?! Oy vey. Got my first run on Sunday and it felt so good to get back outside. Anyone got any good new dad running tips?! (Editor’s note: laps around the block with baby monitor in hand)

Total miles this week: 6.2 but he wants you to know he did 45 last week

jarrett weisberg - train to nyc 2

Feeling 👨🏾‍🔬

Lo Johnson

I had 36 miles total on the schedule but I had a rough time getting my legs under me early in the week. I had a great speed workout Tuesday and decided to stretch my runs this week with some 5 milers. I also jumped on YouTube to do some research on recovery and training paces for my marathon goal.

Saturday I prepared well for my Sunday long run, which was my longest run this training season. 14 MILES LET’S GOOO!! I practiced with my gels, sipping water, etc. I really felt good. I had a lot of bounce left in my legs. I’m focusing on the weight room this week, nothing crazy.

Total miles this week: 35

lo johnson - train to nyc 2

Feeling ☁️

Brandon Rossi

Do cross training miles count? I hope so! I am out here trying to find all of the different successful ways to move my body and train for this marathon. I have been up in some elevation and altitude driven areas at Banff so my body has certainly been under some stress hitting the trails up above the clouds. Hoping to get out there and put in some more work week after week. I am looking forward to pushing my running back up to speed again!

Total miles this week: 30

Feeling 🏝

Chris Ford

Holiday Miles! I am on a two-week vacation with the family so taking this chance to rest and get ready for the next part of my training. I started early on this block with these two weeks added into the plan. Next week I will start picking up a few more miles before heading back into full mileage weeks. It’s been really hard laying on the sunlounger and listening to The Drop podcast!

Total miles this week: 13

Feeling 😌

Emily Heller

It felt good getting back into the swing of things after last week’s Euro trip resulted in little mileage. The plan this week called for EZ runs and I was perfectly satisfied with that. My knees felt a little wonky at first– I think because of all the walking in London and Paris! Thankfully they’re feeling better now and I’m very excited to get back to doing some speed work next week. I do wish it was a little less humid in NY though…

Total miles this week: 30

emily heller - train to nyc 2

Feeling 🤠

Jess Movold

Despite my week feeling a little jumbly and all over the place, I actually did a pretty good job getting in most of my training miles this week. Tuesday was a monster track workout which felt like an accomplishment, then easy miles throughout the week.

I knew I had a family vacation in West Virginia planned from Friday (all day travel) to Monday (all day travel), so I tackled my long run with a workout built in on Thursday to make sure the weekend didn’t get in the way of the run. Completing that run was the highlight of my week. It was a 17 miler with 5 x 1 mile at marathon pace and TBH, it felt pretty crappy.

The win in completing that was pushing through the desire to quit and not skipping the 4-mile cool down. I’m reminded that hard/tough runs are just as important (if not more of a learning lesson) than training runs that go according to plan. The weekend had some short runs but as expected, it wasn’t a great environment for solid running. Here’s to a new week. 

Total miles this week: 56

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Feeling 🫠

Chef Joel Mays III

A great week of training with a long run on Saturday. Being very intentional with rest, recovery and nutrition this week. It will only get better so I am ready for race day. This Texas heat will make or break your run. So the earlier I start the better. Active recovery includes compression sleeves and my favorite: ice 🧊 baths!!! This coming week a couple of double digit runs to test out new shoes and work on pacing. Here we go!!!

Total miles this week: 31

chef joel mays III - train to nyc 2

Feeling 🥵

Katherine Wuestenfeld

Coming off a cutback week I was optimistic the legs would feel fresh and ready to run fast this week and they did in the first part of the week when we were treated to a drop in humidity, but the rest of the week would not be as kind. I raced a 5K on the track and perished in said 5K in the humidity.

I went out of town this weekend to visit my best friend in North Carolina and I am incredibly impressed with runners out here who conquer these high dew points to train for fall marathons. I’m excited to go back to my Midwest humidity tonight, something I never thought I’d say 😂

Total miles this week: 48

Katherine Wuestenfeld - train to nyc 2

Feeling 🥵

Marcus Fitts

An awesome week of training, I’m still mostly in cycling mode but have been doing runs post-ride and had my first long run (13 miles yesterday).  May have been a bad idea the day before a crit race but it all worked out and I had a blast. Nutrition is on point and shoes are on point.

Total miles this week: 21

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Feeling 🙂

Hollyn Vermillion

Although this is the first “official” week of #TraintoNYC, I’ve been trying to build a solid base before training really kicks in. This week I felt like I finally got into a groove of things. I had a fun workout consisting of 1200 repeats, a few easy runs, and a long run. The highlight for me was ending the week with a run on the trails! I don’t do that often but it’s a nice way to switch up the usual routes.

Total miles this week: 40

Feeling 🚚

Liv Paxton

Woof. What a week. Started off with flying from Tennessee back to Maryland. My boyfriend and I single handedly (I guess we have four hands total) moved everything from our house into a truck & hit the road for South Carolina on Tuesday.

After taking the first two days of the week off for moving, I jumped right in with a lot of easy miles this week as I adjusted to being back in the South & starting a new job. Capped off the week with a really tough 17.5 mile long run. Definitely not the week I wanted but happy for the miles I got to do & looking forward to next week! 

Total miles this week: 51

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