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General Running • August 10, 2020

GRIT Stories: Part 1

GRIT has been a lot of things to a lot of people. For us, it meant going further with our running then we ever have before and sharing that with our larger community. It’s been so much more than we could’ve imagined. To that end, we asked the GRIT gang to share some of their stories so we could post them to the site.  Thanks for everyone who submitted! Check out what GRIT meant to these amazing runners.

Not registered? You still have time (registration ends on August 24). Register here.

GRIT pushed me to not only do 25 miles in 30 days, but to complete 50 miles instead as a personal challenge. I’ve been running for a long time but I never told myself to do a certain amount of miles in a month. It kept me on my toes and I loved being committed to the program. Running is my escape so it never felt like work! The community BITR has created is absolutely wonderful & I’m so happy to be part of it with you all. Stay consistent, stay focused, & always Believe in the Run.

Amanda Medina
Bronx, NY

I haven’t been a runner in years as I prefer the weights and strength training. But two of my very good friends, urged me to sign up for this challenge just to get a taste of running again, or at least some cool SWAG. It started off with me registering for 25 miles, with a personal goal to run 50. Running outside felt so good though and I quickly knew I could hit the 50-mile marker. Once the competitive side started kicking in, I was determined to catch the first couple people and end in the top 3. After reaching the 50 mile goal, I then jumped to 75 miles and the running continued to get better and easier ( minus the 100+ heat index) I ended with 87.4 miles, while doing another workout during this challenge. Thank you for bringing the running love back. Until we meet again pavement. Or the Grit double dip!

Jenn Keats
Omaha, NE

Huge shout out to the whole BITR for putting this challenge on. It was a big motivator for me and helped me accomplish my highest mileage month (as well as my highest mileage week) of all time. I signed up for the 150 level, knowing that was very doable and not much of a stretch. I have a tendency to not verbalize goals that seems lofty, which I did with this as well. However, after the first week or two, I knew I could push myself to 225. It’s been a weird summer, but this was definitely a highlight. Thanks for bringing us all together to do this. Y’all the real MVPs.

Chris Walbert
Baltimore, MD


Have your own GRIT story? Submit it here to be featured in GRIT Stories: Part 2!


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