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Women’s Puma MOBIUM Elite Review

Womens Mobium EliteMeaghan reviews the Women’s Puma Mobium Elite to see what the deal is with their new technology for running shoes. Jump to Meaghan’s review.

What Puma Says

Stack Height = 12mm 4 ft height

Heel to Toe Drop = 8mm

Weight: For Women’s size 8 =  8.7 oz.

Materials = Lightweight breathable mesh with synthetic overlays for secure fit

PUMA Mobium Elite is a performance trainer that expands and contracts as the foot moves. Rooted in anatomy and inspired by nature, PUMA Mobium Elite is the product of two years intense design and development based on how the foot moves.  Considering that the foot expands in three directions, longitudinally, laterally and vertically, PUMA’s innovative footwear adapts with the body in motion, encouraging a more natural and efficient mid-foot strike.

Louis Joseph, Director Strategy and Innovation discusses the technological innovation behind PUMA Mobium:  “PUMA’s sport innovations have always focused on provocative, risk-taking ideas aimed at enhancing the athlete experience.  In the case of the Mobium Elite, PUMA has combined performance research with imagination to produce an entirely new class of running footwear.  Developed with the vision of creating dynamic products that move with the human body in motion, the Mobium Elite represents the premier model within PUMA’s new Adaptive Running collection.  Designed to expand and contract with the foot’s changing shape during the gait cycle, the Mobium Elite is a first generation concept built to challenge the conventional standard of static footwear construction.  Incorporating a host of patent pending technologies, we are excited by the prospects of the Mobium Elite trainer and believe that Adaptive Running is a breakthrough proposition with transformational potential.”

PUMA Mobium Elite’s Mobium Band is constructed to enhance the foot’s natural spring.  Running through the outsole in a “figure eight” it’s designed to work dynamically like the tendons in the foot.  The more force applied, the more spring it returns.

Meanwhile, the ‘Windlass Chassis’ is built to mimic the Windlass Effect of a foot’s expansion and contraction as it moves. This sculpted arch creates a platform for the foot in movement, helping the foot transition through the full running gait. Mobium’s upper and outsole works in unison with the Windlass Chassis, so that the entire shoe moves the way the foot naturally does.

With stride efficiency a core value in performance running, PUMA’s designers took inspiration from the most efficient running machine on the planet; the cat. Similar to cats paws which compress together during its propulsion phase and expand during stance phase to provide cushioning, PUMA Mobium Elite’s ‘Expansion Pods’ on the outsole of the shoe expand and contract with the foot.  As a result, PUMA Mobium’s cushioning, protection and flexibility encourages a more efficient stride and offers runners a smoother transition.

The three-part system of PUMA Mobium Elite’s innovative design encourages runners to land on their mid-foot, rather than a hard heel strike, which can mean more efficiency and less “braking action.”   The shoe is the result of two years of intensive development and testing and sets a new benchmark for performance running.

“We believe PUMA Mobium will change the paradigm in the category of performance running,” said Mary Taylor, Global Head of Footwear for PUMA.  “With patent pending, break-through technologies that work together as a system, we’ve created a new class of footwear.  The marketplace is currently driven by shoes that are static – that do not move with your foot in motion. In Mobium Elite, we have designed adaptive footwear that actually expands and contracts with your foot in motion.  At PUMA, we are driven to look at performance through a different lens, to break with convention through true innovation. Mobium is the result of this and we feel strongly it will be a game-changer.”

Meaghan’s Review

Puma Mobium Elite Review

The Good

I was really excited to try out the Puma Mobium Elite shoe, particularly after hearing about PUMA’s patent pending technologies and latest category of performance running – Adaptive Running. (Not to mention any shoe that takes a solid two years of design and development is worth trying).

It’s an interesting looking shoe and unlike anything I’ve ever worn. The upper is made of a lightweight breathable mesh with synthetic overlays. They’re form fitting and take some effort to get on, but they’re not overly tight or constricting. Despite the snug fit around the midfoot and heel, I found there was plenty of room in the toebox.

They’re shaped with a distinct high arch, the Windlass Chassis, which is designed to expand and contract with the foot’s natural movement.  An elasticized Mobium band runs through the outsole in a figure eight, enhancing the foot’s spring. The band forces a longer stride, naturally increasing your pace.

One of my favorite features were the expansion pods on the outsole which provide an ideal amount of cushioning and protection. This is the first shoe I’ve worn that allowed me to run over cobble stones (through downtown Baltimore) without any trouble. They’re built with a 12mm stack height and 8mm drop. Even with all the added technical features, the shoe is still lightweight and relatively flexible (women’s size 8 runs 8.7oz).

The Bad

Despite my excitement to try out Puma Mobium Elites’s new “adaptive” technology, I struggled through my first run. The shoe pushed me towards a light mid-foot, mostly heel strike and I felt soreness around the heel and ball of my foot after the first few miles. The pain disappeared after a couple more runs, so I wouldn’t let the initial miles discourage you. I wasn’t thrilled about the bright red color of these shoes, but they certainly made a statement.

The Overall

From the packaging to the innovative technology, the Puma Mobium Elite is an impressive shoe. I’ve put over 50 miles on these shoes and I find myself enjoying them more with each run. Aside from the initial discomfort, I’ve been happy with my runs in these shoes. They encourage longer strides, a faster pace, and provide great support and protection. I would recommend these shoes to anyone looking for a performance trainer or simply wanting to try something new.

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  1. PuraPuma says:

    I also found that these shoes require me to run differently – probably better. I have just started to test mine out. I have even tested them in cross-training. My impression is that they will mold a bit to how you run and gain comfort. It seems as that’s what happened for you. I’m excited to put some more miles in these before writing my own review.

    1. Let us know when you post your review.

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