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Road Running Shoes • March 24, 2021

Under Armour Flow Velociti Wind Review

under armour flow velociti wind - feature1

What You Need To Know

  • Weighs 8.5 oz. (241 g) for a US M9.0 / 8 oz. (226 g) for a US W8.0
  • Simple, lightweight, neutral daily trainer
  • Stack height: 26 mm heel/18 mm toe (8 mm drop)
  • Let’s hope this shoe is a sign of an Under Armour rebound

ROBBE: Look, I’m a Baltimore boy, but for the last couple years, every time we get in a new Under Armour shoe, it’s more of a chore than a joy to review it. A lot of pumps for a lot of dumps (great walking shoes, not-so-great running shoes). Needless to say, I was equally ‘meh’ when we heard about the all-new Velociti Wind. Do we really need to do this again?

But the shoe arrived, I ran in it, and, hey Mikey – I think he likes it!

So what is this shoe? Basically a lightweight daily trainer/tempo shoe, which is great, because God knows we don’t need another heavyweight daily trainer from Under Armour. It’s a pretty simple shoe – a one-piece Flow midsole, no rubber whatsoever on the outsole, and a Warp upper which looks like a bunch of lasers you have to dodge on your way to stealing the Hope Diamond. Or cats shooting lasers. Or a spiderweb of lasers. Lasers, man.

Anyway, I’ll probably talk about the lasers some more, so keep reading.

MEAGHAN: Robbe covered the basics, let’s see if Baltimore is back.

under armour flow velociti wind - heel

The Good

ROBBE: Holy shit I think this section is actually going to be longer than “The Bad.” This is a fun shoe in all the right ways. I’ve actually always loved Under Armour uppers, it’s the one thing they usually get right. The HOVR Infinite 1 upper is actually one of my favorite uppers of all time (for casual, at least), and three years later, I still wear that shoe sockless during the summer months. It smells like hell, but whatever.

This upper is equally great. It looks like a knit, but it’s really some sort of TPU mesh. Whatever it is, it works. It formed to the foot perfectly, in the way that a lightweight daily trainer should. There’s ample support in the heel collar, so I felt totally secure in that department (it’s nice that there’s finally a shoe not doing the elf-ear thing).

The tongue was a highlight for me. It’s gusseted, and the bottom half is a translucent mesh that is very breathable. The top portion is nicely padded for comfort where you need it.

Moving onto the Flow midsole, I was sure it was going to suck on first step-in. It felt really firm. But on the run, it was the right kind of firm. With no rubber, it provides great ground feel but the density of the foam is just right for what it needs to be. It’s not a “wow” sensation like a lot of the nitrogen-infused stuff, but it’s just a great ride.

They’re also doing that split hoof thing on the heel that’s all the rage these days, but it’s irrelevant to performance, though it probably saves a bit of weight. Despite not having rubber, the grip is actually pretty decent on these.

You can run pretty much any pace or distance in the shoe. My longest run was an easy run around 9 miles and I enjoyed all of it. When you need to pick it up, it works as it should, providing a nimble pep in your step at a reasonable 8.5 ounces for a US men’s size 9.0.

Also, I think the lasers shine bright on this thing. I love the design, even though Thomas thinks it looks like grandma’s sweater. Full disclosure (and forgive me if this gets weird), I actually wore this shoe to my father-in-law’s memorial service because, 1) I was in Florida when he passed and wasn’t really expecting that event to happen, and 2) the shoe actually paired nicely with the Tommy Bahama dress code, and 3) I was in Florida, there are like no rules there. Suffice it say, I never saw “Wear Under Armour running shoe to a funeral” on the Year of COVID bingo card.

Anyway, I think we have a winner here. I definitely wouldn’t mind taking this on some more runs when I need that simple get-out-the-door-and-run shoe.

MEAGHAN: Besides a mouthful, the UA Flow Velociti Wind is a shockingly decent shoe. It’s been a long time since I’ve received a UA shoe that didn’t immediately land in my casualwear bucket. This is exciting, so let’s dive right in. 

First of all, this shoe doesn’t look like any other running shoe I own. The upper (called WARP) is designed with white, black and pink criss-crossed yarn that works to provide structure and support. The gist is that the yarns tighten when you need them and relax when you don’t. I found the upper to be supportive and comfortable, so I’d say they’re working great. The collar and heel have some really nice padding; the tongue is even designed with a suede-like material to make you, or at least your feet, feel extra bougie. 

Now onto the midsole. And outsole. They’re one and the same. Flow, the same stuff they’re putting in Steph Curry’s basketball shoes, is a bouncy singular-foam compound that eliminates the need for a rubber outsole. It’s also UA’s lightest midsole foam yet. I’m always skeptical of the midsole/outsole same material combo. It’s kind of like the 2-in-1 shampoo and conditioner. That stuff is an abomination. Everyone knows there’s not actually any conditioner in there. But, so far the Flow material has held up well and provides some pretty decent traction so I’ll hold off further judgment. 

This shoe comes with a 26mm stack in the heel, 8mm drop and my W7.5 came in at 8oz.

Shop Velociti Wind – Men Shop Velociti Wind – Women under armour flow velociti wind - outsole

The Bad

ROBBE: You didn’t think an Under Armour shoe would come out unscathed did you?

I don’t love the rounded geometry on the sides of the shoe. I have the weakest ankles of probably anyone, and this shoe is not conducive to that. I’ve caught myself rolling a couple times just because of the rolling nature of the rounded midsole. It looks good, but it’s a little gimmicky, imo.

Unfortunately, we don’t have the time to put in a hundred miles on each shoe, but I’m skeptical of the durability with zero rubber on the outsole. I mean, I’ll take it for the weight savings, but I have my doubts on this shoe going the distance.

And at $160, that price point swags like an old-money Under Armour flex, even though we’re living in the Kohl’s-coupon era. I mean, when HOKA is dropping the Mach 4 for $130, it’s hard to justify an extra 20% on the price tag.

Lastly, can we let MapMyRun die a peaceful death? Or at least stop selling me the heel Bluetooth connectivity like it’s a good thing? For Chrissakes, I got stopped and questioned by TSA the last time I attempted to wear an Under Armour shoe through the airport. You’re not helping my campaign to eliminate the archaic, arbitrary, and absurd standard of airport shoe removal.

MEAGHAN: I am not a big fan of ground-feel, which is pretty apparent in this shoe. I do enjoy the Flow midsole material in terms of its soft/responsiveness ratio, but I definitely want more of it. This shoe feels like a firmer, less cushioned ASICS GEL-Nimbus Lite 2 to me. 

Shop Velociti Wind – Men Shop Velociti Wind – Women under armour flow velociti wind - feature

Under Armour Flow Velociti Wind Conclusion

ROBBE: I can’t believe I’m saying this, but I’m recommending this shoe as a buy. Maybe not a strong buy, but a buy. For those looking for a simple, lightweight daily trainer/tempo shoe, I think you’ll really like this shoe.

MEAGHAN: We’re in Baltimore, so Under Armour is basically our home team. I love it when they do cool things or make great products. The UA Flow Velocity Wind is definitely a step in the right direction. It’s a comfortable, versatile daily trainer that can be used for easy days, fast days or even long runs. I would put this in the same category as the Brooks Hyperion Tempo, Skechers Razor, or Nike Pegasus 37 (but much lighter).

You can pick up the Under Armour Flow Velociti Wind for $160 by using the shop links below.

Shop Velociti Wind – Men Shop Velociti Wind – Women

Trading stonks on steps


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