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Topo Magnifly Running Shoe Review

The Good

Meaghan: Topo Athletic is a new brand for me. The original shoes were designed with a ridiculous split toe… luckily, Topo has taken another direction with the Magnifly. This shoe is a neutral everyday trainer, meant for the runner who likes a responsive ride with some added cushioning. At first glance I thought these shoes would be heavy, but the upper is deceivingly light. It’s designed with an airy mesh and printed overlays to reduce any sort of rubbing. The fit of this shoe is my favorite – a widended forefoot with a snug midfoot/heel. The shape accommodates toe splay without compromising the midfoot hold. I didn’t have any issue with heel slippage. The ride is firm and fairly responsive. There’s some nice cushioning through the midsole, but it’s not a soft squishy cushioning. The outsole is covered in rubber which provides some nice traction and durability. Although Topo claims the W7 weighs 7.7oz my W7.5 came in at a flat 7oz – a really nice weight for a daily trainer.

Thomas: The Topo Magnifly is a solid shoe. The first thing I noticed was the quality. Every seam, weld, and overlay looked perfect. The fit of the shoe is dialed in. The heel counter cups the heel well and is comfortable without any rubbing. The lacing of the Magnifly is easy to adjust over the arch for a good secure fit. Speed isn’t an issue for these shoes, they are light and grippy. The outsole of the shoe is almost completely covered in sticky durable rubber. These shoes will hold up against many miles. I am not sure why the Magnifly has such a solid toe bumper, but it has to be almost construction grade quality. You could drop a hammer on the toe guard and it would just bounce off.

The Bad

Meaghan: I like this shoe, but I don’t love this shoe. I think the ride is a just too firm. There’s a TON of rubber on the outsole which made it difficult to feel comfortable out on the road. It’s hard to get lost in these shoes. I was continually aware of my feet hitting the pavement. I haven’t run more than 10 miles at a time in these shoes, and I don’t think I’d be comfortable wearing them over the half distance.

Thomas: The Magnifly is a little too firm for me. I would like a little more give and flexibility in the midsole.


Meaghan The Magnifly is a good shoe. It’s light, fits perfectly and I happen to love the colorway. The only real downside for me is the firm ride. If you have wide feet, or just appreciate extra room for your toes to splay, this is a solid choice for a daily trainer.

Thomas: A couple years back I remember seeing a teaser campaign for the Topo shoes. When revealed, they looked great, but with a split toe design I wasn’t all that interested. You would either have to get a fair amount of Injinji socks or go barefoot. I like socks. The Topo Magnifly has a more traditional shoe shape than its predecessors. The fit reminds me of Altra and Merrell shoes with its more anatomical foot shape. The advantage Topo has over Altra is that they don’t have to stick to zero drop. The Magnifly has a 5mm drop. I like a little lean in a shoe. The Magnifly is a good choice for a runner looking for a firm ride, wide toebox, all in a 9.15 oz. (size 10.5) package.



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