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Topo Athletic Magnifly 2 Performance Review

Topo Magnifly 2

The Good

Thomas: Top to bottom, this is a better running shoe than the original Magnifly. The upper looks better and fits better. There is still plenty of room in the toebox, but unlike other “foot shaped” brands Altra , it doesn’t feel as exaggerated. There is room for a wider foot, but it doesn’t feel sloppy on my narrow foot. The upper feels comfortable and cradles your foot without rubbing or heel-lift. The black colorway I reviewed gives the shoe a stealthier appearance.

The dual density midsole works exceptionally well to give a soft landing that transitions to a firmer take-off feel. The first layer closest to the foot is softer EVA, under that is a layer of firm EVA. The Magnifly 2 provides a ride that I enjoyed at all speeds.

Meaghan: The Magnifly 2 is a neutral everyday trainer. Similar to its predecessor, it’s designed with an airy mesh and printed overlays to reduce any sort of rubbing. The fit of this shoe is great – a widended forefoot with a snug midfoot/heel. The shape accommodates my wide feet. The ride is firm. There’s some nice cushioning through the midsole, but it’s not a soft squishy cushioning. The outsole is covered in rubber which helps with durability.

Topo Magnifly 2

The Bad

Thomas: I like shoes that are shaped like traditional trainers, that isn’t what Topo is going for with this design. At least the toe box isn’t as exaggerated as some “foot shaped” brands.

Meaghan: This is not a sexy shoe. The super wide toe box, while accommodating, is not great for the toe down design. That aside, I felt the shoes lacked a little flexibility. The fully lined rubber outsole made these shoes a little stiff and slappy.

Topo Athletic Magnifly 2

Topo Magnifly 2 Conclusion

Thomas: If I were in the market for a zero drop shoe with a healthy toe box, the Magnifly 2 might be at the top of my list. The weight is decent at 10.5 oz. for a size 10.5, and the overall comfort of the shoe is exceptional. I would expect the shoe to hold up well over time. There aren’t a lot of details on the trainer that will break down. If you are interested in getting a pair, order here and use BELIEVE10.

Meaghan: The Magnifly 2 is a durable shoe. The construction and materials feel quality. It’s fairly light, fits well and will definitely last lots and lots of miles. If you have wide feet, this is a solid choice for a daily trainer.



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