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Skora Fit Running Shoe Review

Skora Fit Running Shoe Review & Give Away

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The Good

Meaghan: I love the simplicity of this shoe. It’s light, flexible, and extremely comfortable. I feel like I’m wearing slippers when I run in them. The upper is nice and stretchy and fits snugly around the foot. The tongue and collar have a good amount of padding that also add comfort and cushioning. The upper is covered in a dot pattern which I’ve learned is a 3D printed support pattern, used to replace your typical overlays. I’m a fan of the asymmetrical lacing and the overall design of this shoe. It’s definitely in a category of its own.

Thomas: The outsole! This shoe has an amazing outsole. I really enjoyed the way this shoe connects with the ground. While the shoe feels light and flexible, it delivers surreal cushioning. It is a deceptive little shoe. When I slipped the Skora Fit on I did not think the shoe would offer the cushioning level I would like. During my runs in the Fit the shoes made for easy foot turnover, great road feel, and a good amount of cushioning. I love the outsole of this shoe and how it interacts with the pavement. Did I already mention that? The shoe they most remind me of is the Merrell Bare Access 2. The Skora Fit feels lighter and more flexible than the Bare Access 2. The asymmetrical lacing is a a good feature on the shoe, my foot felt secure with plenty of space for toe splay. The Fit has a really cool one piece construction that feels slipper like. See the photo below of the prototypes of the Fit. You can see how it wraps the foot and connects with the sole.


Skora Fit Review

The Bad

Meaghan: My real issue with this shoe is that I’ve been training for an ultra. For me, the Skora Fit is limiting for distance running. While I enjoy the softness and flexibility the shoe offers, I wish it had a little more structure and stability. I didn’t feel confident taking this shoe out on runs over 10 miles. I also had issues with the midsole. I have flat feet and could feel a prominent arch. I’m also not sure what’s going on with the small, circular bumps on the insole. Nothing about them seems natural.

Thomas: This is a shoe in a different class. It is hard to compare it to other shoes and make recommendations based on what you like in other trainers. I am reviewing this shoe in one of the coldest winters I can remember so my complaint is going to be based on a theory. The upper of the Skora Fit is one piece of material and the material isn’t very porous. I imagine in the mid-summer humidity that Maryland has my foot would be swimming in sweat. Maybe the material is more breathable than it feels or appears, I will have to test them out in the summer and leave a note here.


The Overall

Meaghan: The Skora Fit is a very unique shoe. I might compare these to the Merrell Vapor Glove… if you added padding to the upper and cushioning to the outsole. This is a good shoe for someone transitioning into barefoot running. It provides a minimal feel without sacrificing all the comfort and cushioning that comes with a traditional trainer.

Thomas: I admit I was a little afraid of Skora shoes at first. They look different, they feel different, they are different. There is no need to fear Skora Fit. This is a trainer that is surprisingly easy to run in. The cushioning is a unique mix that protects the foot and joints while still providing lots of flexibility and road feel. The shoes feel light and fast so I almost switched out my 5k running flats for the Skora Fit. If you are looking for a light flexible shoe that connects you with the the ground and has a smooth motion through your gait, I recommend you try Skora’s Fit.

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  1. Bryan says:

    Do you go sockless in them?

    1. No Bryan, you know I love socks.

  2. Kyle says:

    The Fit is my go-to shoe for any of my longer or harder runs. I’ve been in lower profile shoes for enough miles that I’d be comfortable doing a mile race in these or a 100 mile race in these.

  3. David Burns says:

    I run in the New Balance MR00, do these have more cushioning than them

  4. Mark says:

    Got a pair and love them! So comfortable!
    Wanted to get a 2nd pair, does the coupon code not work any longer? It wasn’t for me

    1. The code was temporary, However Skora often offers discount codes. Keep your eyes out.

  5. Danielle says:

    Awesome review of the Skora fit! I’m hoping you might be able to answer a question or two for me before I go ahead and by these. I’ve been running for a year and a half in vibrams and late last year I developed plantar fasciitis in my right foot. I’m looking to transition into something with a little more support but that is still minimalist so that I can really get into my marathon training that I’ve been struggling with. You mentioned the feel of the ground and there was another comment about the high arch; how minimalist would you call this shoe? I don’t want to wind up with something that’s so cushioned that my form will change/weaken (I’m definitely a front of the foot runner!). Thanks for any advice!

    1. Hi Danielle, For me the FIT is about as minimal as I will go. I am guessing it would be a good shoe for what you are looking for. Skora has good customer service and they are also available on Zappos now. Super easy for returns if you find they are not the right shoe for you. I say give them a shot. -T

  6. I’m wondering if Danielle ever picked up a pair? I can’t seem to reply directly, but maybe she will see this comment 🙂

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