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Skechers Strada Running Shoe Review


Skechers StradaThe Good

Meaghan: The Strada was an unexpected addition to the GOrun line (at least for me). It’s what I consider a beefed up GOrun Speed. It has a similar (firmer) feel underfoot but with a lot more material just about everywhere. In typical Skechers fashion, the shoes come in a BRIGHT orange, with hot yellow laces. They’re pretty flashy. The upper is a combination of mesh and overlays. The overlays are substantial through the midfoot and there’s some pretty thick padding around the tongue and collar. They’re structured with an 8mm drop and my size 7.5 weighed in at 8.3oz. Not super heavy for an everyday trainer, but much heavier than the GOrun and GOrun Ride. With the added weight comes some durability, however.

Thomas: The Skechers Strada is the closest thing Skechers has to a traditional trainer. I believe the it is Kara Goucher’s preferred training shoe from Skechers. The fit of the upper on the Strada is pretty good. My foot felt secure and snug over the arch while there was still lots of room in the toe box. The heel counter did its job and kept my foot locked in nicely without any rubbing or irritation.

Strada BottomThe Bad

Meaghan: The Skechers Strada is just kind of “blah” for me. It’s okay. I never had any issues with hot spots or discomfort but there is no wow factor. It feels like there’s a slab of rubber underfoot. Ironically, there’s no rubber underfoot. It’s made from two types of foam. The shoe is comfortable but it doesn’t hug your feet. I love when a shoe fits so well you forget you’re wearing them. That doesn’t happen in the Strada.

Thomas: This is not the Skechers shoe for me. The Strada is laden with overlays and feels thick on the foot. The midsole is firm and feels like a solid block as you clomp along. There is very little ground feel to the shoe and it lacks flexibility. From your foot landing to take off, there is no transition or sensory feedback. The ride is not soft on the legs. To be fair, all the runs that we not on a treadmill were in near freezing or freezing temps. That may have had an effect on the foam used in the midsole of the Strada. However, other shoes we are reviewing faired better. Looks are subjective, I am not a huge fan of the styling on this shoe. Weight is not subjective, this shoe weighed in at 11.5 oz. for a size 10.5.

Strada sideThe Overall

Meaghan: I typically feel the need to defend Skechers because they make a bunch of amazing shoes and take a lot of criticism. However, the Strada just fell flat for me. I don’t know what to say except it’s nothing special.

Thomas: The Strada fits in for people that want a more structured shoe than the rest of the Skechers running shoes. This is more of a “traditional” trainer. The objective of the shoe seems to be a compromise. If you want the firm ride of the GOmeb (formally, GOrun Speed) but don’t want a shoe considered a lightweight fast shoe, the Strada is Skechers answer. After more than 50 miles in the Strada, I struggled with this review. The Strada isn’t a bad shoe, it just wasn’t a shoe for me. Kinda like going out for a bacon cheese burger and ending up with a veggie burger. The veggie burger is still nourishing and gets the job done, but it isn’t exciting to eat and there isn’t any bacon. Mmm bacon. I am hoping that Skechers finds a way to improve the look of the vinyl overlays on the upper and addresses the slab like midsole in the Strada 2.

Shoes provided by Skechers Performance for the review.

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  1. Jim in Maine says:

    Sketchers are definitely my preferred shoe now but based on what I read here I won’t be buying a like.of these since there are other Sketchers I definitely like.

  2. michael says:

    oh i love a good burger-analogy – well done! (get it? get it?!?! never mind.)

  3. Alan Ashley says:

    That’s kinda heavy. I think I’ll stick with the GRR4 as the trainer.

  4. Ken leggett says:

    I ran in a pair of the stradas in Abilene, Texas and I was impressed with the cushioning and seeming flexibility for such a supportive shoe. They appear slightly heavier than my Pegusus 31, but seemed more cushy. I have purchased a pair and intend to rotote them with my Saucony Triumph Isofits and Pegusus. I don’t give a damn how the shoe looks. I care about how it feels and how it protects my 61 year old ankles knees hips and back.

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